What Does a Teardrop Ring Signify?

Teardrop Ring

Out of all the shapes a diamond can be cut into, it is the teardrop that steals the show. It is timeless and magnificent, combining vintage charm and modern silhouette. Like the teardrop’s facets, the ring comes with many attractive qualities. But first – do you know what a teardrop signifies?

Is Pear Shape and Tear Drop the Same?

Before we delve deeper into the teardrop significance, let us answer this question first. The pear shape is a beautiful amalgamation of a marquise cut with a round shape. As for the teardrop shape – it’s the same! The shape uniquely resembles a pear, with its pointed edge and rounded lobe. Since there are striking similarities between a pear and a teardrop, both buyers and jewelers use these terms interchangeably.

If you search for pear-shaped rings or teardrop rings at Gabriel & Co., it shows the same results. A collection of breathtaking teardrop rings that are sure to blow minds off with their sharp yet graceful appearance!

What Does a Teardrop Ring Mean?

If you want to be known for your good aesthetic taste, opt for a teardrop ring. Along with its fancy cut and eye-catching design, the teardrop ring is hooked with several meanings. The teardrop diamond essentially symbolizes tears of joy. They are, thus, linked to marriage, happy occasions, and love.

The woman who loves a teardrop ring is usually said to be a fierce, confident individual. Much like its unique shape, she is adventurous and one of a kind. The gem’s rounded and pointed edges represent her gentle nature and sharp mind. The teardrop cut is full of pleasant paradoxes – and so is the multitalented woman who loves it. As is evident, it is a wonderful gift choice for the headstrong lady in your life!

Bestselling Teardrop Ring Designs

Are you planning to surprise your partner, or a friend or family, with a gift? Then, nothing can be more precious, stylish, and heartfelt than a beautiful teardrop ring. Explore our most striking teardrop rings collection, showcasing some of the most unseen yet innovative and lovely designs.

This versatile ring features two teardrop diamonds encased in a halo of accent diamonds. They join together in the quirky bypass style, with gold beads covering the shank. This wrap ring – from the lovely Bujukan collection – is a must-have!

With a straight shank, milgrain finish, and teardrop diamonds, this 14K White Gold Stackable Anniversary Band is a delight to the eyes. The band features milgrain pear shapes, with teardrop gems fitted inside. The band is a snug fit and adds a vintage charm when worn with your rings.

Accentuate any attire with this sapphire 14K White Gold Chevron Ring! The shank shines with shining pavé diamonds, with a teardrop sapphire resting atop a cluster of diamonds. The entire design resembles a crown – which is what a queen should have!

This 14K White Gold Ring is a simple affair with two pear-shaped gems on either side in a bypass style. The ring is symbolic of respectful individuality in a loving relationship.

Turn around heads with this gorgeous 14K Yellow Gold Wrap Ring! The cluster diamonds sit on dotted teardrop tips on either side of the band. The ring is an excellent choice to go with your work wear.

How to Wear a Teardrop Ring?

Women are always curious about how they should wear teardrop rings. Usually, the pointed end is traditionally placed towards the fingertips. Most women also love to wear it upside down, with the pointed edge towards the knuckles.

But that’s not all! The pear shape is so versatile that you can wear it any way you want. The teardrop ring looks classy in the classic east-west setting. In this setting, the center stone is set in a horizontal position. This way, you won’t have to think twice about how to wear it – the design will take care of that.

Wear your pear ring however you want – the final goal is to dazzle the world anyway!

Are Pear or Teardrop Diamonds Cheaper Than Round Diamonds?

When you shop for diamond rings, it is only natural to check whether you can afford them or not. Surprisingly, even if a round-cut diamond is the most common, it is also the most expensive. Compared to that, teardrop diamonds are more affordable. In fact, the teardrop is one of the least expensive diamond cuts to fit on your ring. The teardrop ring doesn’t burn your pockets while unleashing more radiance, appearing larger and enhancing your fingers all at the same time. Isn’t this shape a great choice?


Buying a ring (or any jewelry) is not just a task – it is a responsibility, an aesthetic responsibility. Teardrop rings justify the effort with finesse! You deserve an extraordinary teardrop ring that speaks of love, romance, and beauty. Gabriel & Co. has a wide collection of such dream designs! Customize the ring of your choice to fit your needs and bring boundless romance and graceful happiness to your life.

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