The Timeless Elegance of Emerald Cut Engagement Rings


What are emerald cut engagement rings?

Emerald cuts can be easily identified by their elongated, rectangular form with precisely cut corners. They have small rectangular facets that resemble stairs or steps, differentiating them from the more common brilliant cuts. The emerald cut has 58 facets (25 crown, 8 girdle and 25 pavilion). Though these step cut facets still emit some sparkle and brilliance, they do so in a more subtle fashion than their brilliant cut counterparts. Whether set in a clean no-fuss classic setting or in an Art Deco reminiscent design, emerald cuts are a powerful stone that exudes timeless elegance.

Who would love an emerald cut engagement ring?

Highly reminiscent of old Hollywood drama, class and sophistication, emerald cut engagement rings are a popular choice for today’s brides. Modern brides who are drawn to sleek and sophisticated designs are most appreciative of this cut.  Emerald cuts have been the shape of choice for many popular celebrity brides including Amal Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, Eva Longoria and many more.

When did emerald cut engagement rings become popular

Even though many people associate them with the legendary Art Deco era of the 1920s, emerald cut diamonds have actually been around since the late Middle Ages. This shape was initially created for emerald stones and later used in diamonds. An unexpected benefit to stone cutters, which contributed to the popularity of this cut, was that it reduced the pressure during the cutting process which in turn prevented chips in the gems. Today emerald cuts remain one of the most popular choices for engagement rings.

Why choose emerald cut engagement rings?

One of the biggest advantages of emerald cuts is their long, elegant body which gives an appearance of longer, thinner fingers to the wearer. Also an added benefit to this stone shape is that it tends to look larger than others in the same carat weight. However, choosing a good clarity is very important for this stone. Imperfections are more easily seen due to the cut, so though color can be compromised on, clarity should not be.

How many options are available for emerald cut engagement rings?

Most brides who choose an emerald cut prefer a clean modern, no fuss setting such as a solitaire. However modern trends have expanded to include other equally clean settings such as the halo which adds a touch of vintage flair and the three stone which has a crisp, sleek appearance as well as a deeper symbolic meaning of friendship, fidelity and love.

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