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Ring Jackets & Ring Wraps & Ring Enhancers

Intensify the sparkle of your beloved engagement ring with a Gabriel & Co. Ring Jacket. If you’ve been longing for an upgrade but can’t bear to part with your original ring, ring wraps are the perfect solution. Enhance the size and appearance of your engagement ring with a complementary ring enhancer that blends together seamlessly, as if the two were meant for one another.

  • TDW - 0.58ct
    $ 2,125
  • TDW - 0.76ct
    $ 2,440
  • TDW - 0.29ct
    $ 1,550
  • TDW - 0.36ct
    $ 1,805
  • TDW - 0.99ct
    $ 3,410
  • TDW - 0.9ct
    $ 2,595
  • TDW - 0.53ct
    $ 2,135
  • TDW - 0.35ct
    $ 1,640
  • TDW - 0.35ct
    $ 2,170
  • TDW - 0.54ct
    $ 2,255
  • TDW - 0.47ct
    $ 1,925
  • TDW - 0.67ct
    $ 2,390

Enhance the sparkle of your engagement ring with Gabriel & Co. Ring Jacket. Without having to change or even take off your engagement ring, our Ring Wraps perfectly intensifies its shine. Ring Enhancers embrace and compliment the engagement ring as if they were meant to be together.

Finding the Right Ring Jackets & Ring Enhancers

Each piece is crafted to amplify the beauty of your engagement ring. Finding that special ring jacket that will brighten the scintillating diamonds is crucial. Each jacket was designed for true uniqueness to blend with that special middle piece.

Buying Gabriel & Co Ring Jackets & Ring Wraps To Upgrade Your Engagement Rings

Our exclusive collection of Ring Jackets is delicately hand sculpted to enhance and embrace the appearance of your engagement ring. Our Ring Enhancers are the perfect solution for an easy and dazzled upgrade.

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