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Medawar JewelersFlint Township, MI STORE PROFILE

Medawar Jewelers is home to beautiful and accessible designer collections. Shop from beautiful luxury jewelry to celebrate all of life's special occasions. From our humble beginnings as a watch and clock shop, the Medawar family began integrating jewelry into their watch and clock trade. As the demand for jewelry increased, especially for wedding seasons, the Medawar family opened up several more locations throughout Michigan extendin their services and jewelry lines to more neighboring communities. Throughout our growth, the later Medawar generations always remember their grandfather teaching them the importance of hospitable customer service and building client relationships, for we have them to thank for our fruitful successes. These little life and business lessons are timeless and have enabled the family jewelry store to thrive. We are continually proud and amazed to be serving multiple communities of Michigan in Fenton, Flint and Frandor.
Medawar Jewelers
3093 South Linden Road, Flint Township, MI,
why Gabriel

The Gabriel Guarantee

Warranty Program

We take immeasurable pride in the quality and precision of our jewelry: our free limited lifetime warranty covers any necessry repairs or replacements.

Identification Number

A certification number is laser- inscribed on the ring to ensure authenticity and ownership.

Free Consultation Professional Germologist

Get to know your ring before you buy it, by shopping with one of our experienced, family-owned and operated retail partners.

Shop Confidently

If you are not fully satisfied within 30 day, may exchange your registered item at the original purchase location for another ring of equal or higher value. Service valid for one year from purchase date.

Free Cleaning

Don’t forget to have your jewelry inspected every six months. We’re proud to offer FREE jewelry cleaning and inspection for any piece of jewelry.