How to Build a Great Rock Collection by Hal Rubenstein

Something amazing is happening in fashion. No single moment set it off.  No siren, or fireworks marked EG12942W45JJ~FB~SMALL~FASHIONthe change.  Nor does one designer, film star, rock icon, fashion director, or social media influencer deserves credit, but the shift in style is major and it’s a fascinating one.

No more do you need to divide your wardrobe into work and weekend, casual and dress up, day or night, or race after the trend of the moment.  Instead, great style is now about clothes you can and want to wear as often as possible, regardless of the hour, or even the time of year.  Fluidity and harmony is the key, so the casual gets elevated, elegance relaxes, daytime gets some spark, and nighttime kicks off its heels.


Naturally, clothes that radiate quality and versatility require accessories that do the same.  That’s why Gabriel FINE JEWELRY EVERYDAY is perfect for the new 24/7 non-rules of fashion.   Our earrings, pendants, bracelets, and rings seem to work with everything, go anywhere, and always make you feel special.  This is jewelry you don’t save for a special occasion because it’s too beautiful to put away.

LR50553W45JJ, AN5269-6W44JJ, LR51175W45JJ


  1. Think about the way you buy shoes. No other item in the mall incites more overt passion and insatiable craving in women than shoes. No wonder department stores devote entire floors to footwear.  And yet, despite this gotta-have-it now urge, would you ever dream of buying shoes without trying them on?  What’s more, if you’re a savvy shopper, you won’t just slide them on to see if they fit, walk four steps this way, four steps that way and then say, “Wrap ‘em up!”  (If you do, I need to write another column, but you’ll have to read it on

Instead, the smart shoe shopper keeps the desired pump, flat, or wedge on for a good ten minutes while in the store, sitting, pacing, standing, talking to the sales person, or whomever she came with, taking the time to let gravity and body weight do its thing, allowing one’s arch to settle in, toes to accommodate, corns to react, in order to determine if your feet and its proposed new housing are going to be good friends.


  1. Choosing jewelry is closer to selecting the right shoe than you might think. You can’t rush. Do both with a casual perusing.  Divining the wonder of jewelry is a two-step process.   The first step is exploring the details, and to do so you need to commit to a 360* inspection.  Staring at jewelry in a case won’t tell you much, nor will taking it out and simply holding an earring up to your ear, or dangling a necklace under your chin.  Because the second step in discovering the wonder is experiencing how jewelry relates, conforms and comes alive when it connects with your particular shape, curves and individual features.
  1. But before we even get to ‘casing the joint’ so to speak, you need to dress the part. Would you go shopping for an evening gown with your hair in a Scrunchie or wearing flats? (Don’t even think about it or you are going to make me write that other article).  It’s more beneficial to dress way more akin to how you would like to look when you try on an item.  So if you are shopping for a ring, slip into a nail salon before you slide a solitaire or a birthstone on. In the market for some bangles?  Then don’t put on a long
    LR50925W45JJ, TB2439Y45JJ

    sleeved top with gathered or buttoned sleeves.  You can’t realize the versatility of an earring unless you wear your hair down so you can properly determine its visibility and impact a softer do.  And why would you wear a crew neck sweater if you’re seeking a choker, or if you have your eye on a Y necklace.   Tugging on your clothes won’t do the trick.  So choose a hairstyle and an outfit that will show off your options to best advantage.



  1. Now, back to what we’ve taken out of the case. When trying on any ring, note that the wearer views the ring from a different perspective than everyone else, so you need to see the ring you’ve put on in a mirror large enough to match its shapes and size to your upper torso.  Leave the ring on for a while as you try on other things, since fingers swell and subside with time and task.  Also, you want to get the feel of the ring. Does it get caught on clothes, cause discomfort when you shake hands, slide around whenever you dig through your bag, make it difficult to put your arm through a sleeve, and especially with Gabriel diamond rings, is its sparkle more dominant than you expected.
  1. With bracelets, movement, weight and comfort is key with bracelets. So is sound. Gabriel Demure bracelets don’t make create a peep, even in multiples.  However, though we don’t blame you for being so attracted to them, the wrong combination of Byblos bracelets could make you think of wind chimes.
BG3913W45JJ, BG3915W45JJ, BG3912W45JJ
  1. Gabriel earrings are so ergonomically precise and sensual that you can’t appreciate the artistry and surprising trajectory of our Comet, Gemini or numerous diamond hoop variations until they pierce your lobe and hang freely, and even then we recommend a viewing in front of a three-sided mirror because earrings look so different and will be viewed from every angle. You also need to be comfortable with the shimmer, shimmy and weight of a drop earring.
  1. Possibly because they covers more area on the body, the sensuality of necklaces is only realized when they are clasped to lie against the chest, rest onto the clavicle, plunge into one’s décolleté, or gently encircle the neck. Necklaces need to feel almost like second skin, regardless of their design and weight. So try one you like on, and leave it on while you shop the rest of the store. Just don’t go too far.
NK4273W45JJ, NK5267W45JJ

Fine jewelry is guaranteed not only to last beyond lifetimes, but also to unfailingly enhance your mood, confidence, and beauty every time you put it on.  Even your favorite pumps can’t promise to do that forever.  So isn’t anything so vital to one’s style and spirit worth taking the time to make the right choice?  Yup, it sure is.

An Open Letter to Sons and Daughters Everywhere On Mother’s Day by Hal Rubenstein

I used to work with a woman who could easily be mistaken for the actress Sela Ward’s sister.   She was tall, statuesque even; with warm naturally shadowed eyes, a wide, sensual mouth, an engaging laugh and generous curves.  I happen to love the way Sela Ward looks – the personification of the sexy grown up retailers foolishly ignore even though she’s the woman men and women always notice the moment she enters into a room.One day, when my colleague’s teenage son came to the office since she had agreed to help him pick out an “interview” suit, I asked if his friends ever commented about his mom’s good looks.  He stared at me as if I had asked him to live on the dark side of the moon.  “No!” he snapped.  “So you don’t think your mom’s attractive?” I asked.  “I don’t know!” he replied, his voice going up an octave.  “She’s just my mom, that’s all,” and he left abruptly in search of a Diet Coke or a therapist.


Oddly enough, when the woman’s lovely teenage daughter, whom she resembles, came in two days later, her reply wasn’t very different.  “Oh, I can’t go there. Please, no.  I just can’t.”


So when it comes to buying gifts for Mother’s Day, I have to ask all you sons and daughters what is that you see when you look at Mom? A buddy? The disciplinarian? A combo chauffeur, cook, and warm, wise all-knowing confidante but whose femininity you negate even though without it you wouldn’t be here?Mother'sDay_TopBanner_Mobile

You do realize that your mom loves to look great and pays attention to style, just like you do? And your mom would love nothing better than to be recognized for the love and emotion, the heart and the nurturing that she expends on you every day.   So when you buy her a gift, forgo the Vitamix G-series, the nail spa gift certificate, or even rhododendron bush to replace the one that died in the backyard last fall.


Instead, buy Mom something catch-her-breath beautiful that sparkles almost as brightly as her eyes when she sees you, or that makes her fingers, or neck or whole body tingle with the thrill of being alive.   When you choose a piece of Gabriel’s alluring but accessible Fine Jewelry Everyday Collection, you’re reminding mom that you acknowledge and even relish the revelation that she is more than just a parent.  She’s a woman – and really cool at that – too.


As for any husbands who may be reading this, you are not off the hook either.  Forget that lame “mother of your children” gift criteria.  Think of Mother’s Day as Valentine’s Day #2, which means that if you hit the mark with jewelry in February, isn’t it to your advantage to stay on a roll?  And should you have botched that one up by giving her a Roomba or a bath soap and a loofah, here’s one more chance to make things right.  Get your woman something simply beautiful.  In fact, I’ll even make this easy for the whole family – here are six surefire suggestions.


And trust me, you can go here. You just can.

In fact, you better. Happy Mother’s Day.

It’s Still The Little Things by Hal Rubenstein

It’s easy to deride Valentine’s Day.   Like any other holiday noted on a standard calendar, V-Day is routinely disparaged for being overly commercial, too hyped, a corporate conspiracy between the floral and the confectionary industry, and for compromising free will because you should be able to show your love on whatever day you choose.

The reality is that most men actually welcome Valentine’s Day as both a handy reminder to do something sweet and special, and a slap on the back to say out loud what they’re thinking but often feel too awkward to express.   As for women, who doesn’t welcome any excuse to receive a gift?midi-ring

But what’s the gift that’s best to give?  Now, here’s the part that generates any real trepidation surrounding the day.  And that’s exactly why I’m here, because Gabriel has the perfect solution.

It’s not that we have anything against the traditions of flowers or chocolate.  After all, the first smells so good and the second tastes great.   But, do you really think it’s wise to pin your deepest emotions on a bouquet sure to wilt in a week or a satin box filled with certified guilt-inducing calories.  How about giving a gift that, like your love, is meant to last?

Even better, how about I tell you the secret to a perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

You needn’t buy anything major.  No need to check the auction houses for an upcoming resale of the Hope or Krupp Diamond.   In fact, the subtle gesture and softer approach is more likely to resonate on Valentine’s Day, because the sentiment this particular gift should reflect is that this person is in your heart and your head every hour of every day.precious_earrings

If a man is lucky enough to be blessed with someone who means so much, then let her open a box that reveals a delicately slim gold bangle with two gentle curves of diamonds on either end, or earrings that feature a slight curve of pave sparkle from which hang three graceful arcs of gold link.   I will bet you her weight in white chocolate covered cherries that a trio of intricate stackable rings, or a weightless chain that suspends a circlet of gold with short sprays of diamonds will not only generate the most wondrous response, it is also going to prove to be a gesture so joyfully appreciated that it becomes something she will wear everyday. And at Gabriel, Fine Jewelry Everyday is what we believe in almost as much as we believe in Love.

Take my advice and have the Happiest of Valentine’s Day!


Gifting Without Tears by Hal Rubenstein

A couple of suggestions you can actually use year round!

Style #: LR50650W45JJ

So, have you started agonizing over your gift list yet?   Just about all of us are.  It’s like a collective reflex action that jolts us the moment the Rockefeller Center tree is lit.  But nothing is more stressful than staring at the names of people who matter the most.

Well believe it or not, you actually have more time than you think, provided you embrace the following strategy:  a plan of attack that requires your heightened awareness in order to reduce endless hours of uncertain choices.   So instead of racing to the mall, or jumping online to tear through sites…sit down, relax and read.

The key to buying the best gifts is paying attention to the people you want to please.  Turn down your own speed and volume and you will soon discover that they are constantly invoking their loves and likes, dreams and craving, wishes and wants.

In case you are a little late to this realization, it’s easy to make up for lost time.  Try flipping through a magazine with them in arm’s reach.  Show them something, an object, a store, a website, you find intriguing and invite them to stick in their two cents.   Or better yet, suggest a movie this weekend, making sure it’s playing at the multiplex in the mall, and suggest going early so you can take your time and window shop.   Find the mall’s site map on line, and make sure you plot your ‘stroll’ past the clothing, home, and most certainly, the jewelry stores that are sure to peak interest.   Take notes.  It’s that simple.

For the women reading this:

Style #’s: NK4780SVJBS & EG12521SVJBS

Don’t be coy.   Help the guy out.  He wants you to be happy. 
No, he wants you to be ecstatic.   Rave about someone’s earrings you saw on a red carpet.  Point out a bangle in a store window.  You don’t have to be obvious – no blatant outbursts of “I want that!” – more like a sweet off-handed comment like “Isn’t that pretty?” That’ll do the trick.

For the guys reading this:

Channel your inner CSI fantasy.  Investigate; which means get a little sneaky.   Clock the clothes she wears over the next few days, the trends she favors and colors she chooses.  The real style tipoff, however, are a woman’s preferred bags and shoes, the most reliable indicator of her taste because these two accessories are almost always passion purchases.

Naturally, note the jewelry your intended giftee wear most often (by the way, is anything pierced?), as well as which pieces get repeated showings.  Also, check her Instagram postings and Pinterest apps for noteworthy signs of cravings.

Style #: NK5436Y45JJ

However, if you are fortunate enough to wake up next to each other and really want to play sleuth, snoop inside your lady’s jewelry case.  Does she wear more gold than silver?   Is she attracted to a certain color stone?  What length are her necklaces?  Have a small tape measure or ruler handy for the diameter of a bracelet.   Don’t try to remember, write your findings down.  (You can also take your lady by the wrist while walking and mark on your palm where your fingers touched)  If you are thinking about purchasing a ring, “borrow” one of the ones she wears less often for sizing. Take Smartphone pictures of everything!

Take your data and go directly to Gabriel’s website and give yourself enough time to explore the marvelous range of possibilities.  To make things a little easier, here’s some suggestions based on personality types you might find useful.

Ladies, please, jump to another entry now, as this is supposed to be a surprise, remember?



Feminine Casual: NK4974, LR50751, EG12935



Bohemian: LR50358, NK4414, EG12903


Classic Sophisticated: NK3532, LR51045, LR50477, NK5325


One last point of advice.   Don’t buy what you think she will like.  Second-guessing rarely works in any situation.   This isn’t the part of life that’s a quiz.  Buy her something that you like, a keepsake you would be delighted, even blush to give her.    It doesn’t necessarily insure success but, if you score a direct gush, it does guarantee you will enjoy seeing her wear it as much as she will always smile knowing that it came from you.


Hal Rubenstein and Ralph Lauren
Hal Rubenstein and Ralph Lauren

They call it Fashion Week, but in reality it’s a month long caravan that spans four international cities: New York, London, Milan and Paris.   If style is your passion, Fashion Week can easily hijack your focus and raise your heart rate, but this year you may be finding this season a little confusing. The industry is in upheaval. Business is difficult.  Online shopping threatens the mall.  But fashion’s potentially game-changing new challenge is “Buy-Now-Wear-Now” –runway clothes designed for the current season that you can purchase for immediate wear.  Sounds logical, no?

Gabriel & Co. Fashion Ring LR50650K45JJ
1. A clean and contemporary pink gold diamond ring with a sculptural sensibility. (LR50650K45JJ)

Except, up until now, that isn’t how ready-to-wear worked.  For decades, the formula was that designers presented their clothes six months in advance exclusively to store buyers and magazine editors.  Buyers bought, editors edited, and the season’s choices arrived in stores half a year later, coordinated with their debut in glossy print.

Social media has shredded the blueprint.  Today, runways are livestreamed, favorite looks instantly make the rounds on Instagram, Twitter and Snap Chat, popular bloggers waste no time declaiming their mad crushes and big hates and fast

Carolina Herrera
Designer: Carolina Herrera

fashion produces copies that swiftly land on their racks often within weeks.   By the time said ready-to-wear collections go on sale, more and more shoppers are looking and reacting “been there, seen that.” 

So this fall, such influential designers as Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors and Tom Ford offered Buy-Now-Wear-Now collections – fall clothes that went on sale, online and in-store, hours after they appeared on the runway.  So what did we see that says gotta-have-it-right-this-minute?  

Gabriel & Co. Fashion Ring LR51005W84JJ Gabriel & Co. Bracelet Bangle BG3990W45JJ_BG3844Y45JJ_BG4001Y45JJ_BG3840W45JJ Gabriel & Co. Earrings EG11397W84CL

Pictures: 2, 3, and 4

The best news is the welcome and happily unapologetic swing back towards romance.  It’s not merely the reappearance of ruffles and bows, full skirts and wide leg pants, but the overall spirit is that style has put its faith back in having flair, once again eager to choose excitement over efficiency.  

Gabriel & Co. Fashion Necklace NK4402W84JJ
5. Statement necklaces may be too much atop clothes so strong, but a pendant that boasts singular handwork hanging from delicately interwoven chains will create striking impact. (NK4402W84JJ)

With dress codes relaxing in the workplace, women can indulge in greater options.  Fall clothes boast volume and offer movement.  There is gypsy in its soul, high western strutting in its step, and patterns, make that patterns upon patterns, proclaiming, more strongly than any time in recent memory, that you should present yourself with as much individuality as your confidence will allow.

How does Fashion Week translate to wearing fine jewelry?

Urban Zen by Donna Karan
Designer: Urban Zen by Donna Karan

Take all that jewelry that you’ve saved for special occasions and decide that Tuesday can be one helluva day if you believe it so. Earrings are shown with everything, you can’t have enough, but why not choose a pair of drops that exquisitely balance the sparkle of diamonds against the mysterious glow of moonstone (Picture 4).  Statement necklaces may be too much atop clothes so strong, but a pendant that boasts singular handwork hanging from delicately interwoven chains will create striking impact (Picture 5). Why slip on one simple bangle, when four individually fascinating ones worn together is so much more fun (Picture 3).  And rings whose designs break from the usual bands caressing your fingers in ways that are organic and original, pointing the way to mesmerizing effects.  (Pictures 1 & 2).

Stackable Rings LR4593Y45JJ, LR4748W45JJ, LR4579Y45JJ, LR6317W45J
Stack numerous rings to obtain a chic look and layering effect. (LR4593Y45JJ, LR4748W45JJ, LR4579Y45JJ, LR6317W45JJ)

The key is to make sure your jewelry moves with you because that will add to power to that first – and second – impression.   Ask yourself this, “What will help me make an entrance?”   Doesn’t matter if you are walking into a symphony hall or a supermarket. After all, if social media has taught us anything, it’s that someone is always watching.   So perhaps we should add a phrase to fashion’s new mantra.  How about “Buy-Now-Wear-Now-And-Be-Remembered-Tomorrow?”



Dennis Basso Oscar Dela Renta Ralph Lauren

From left to right: Dennis Basso, Oscar De La Renta, Ralph Lauren

About: Hal Rubenstein
Hal Rubenstein, Gabriel’s global style director, was one of the founding editors of InStyle Magazine where served as Fashion Director for 15 years. Prior to that, Rubenstein was the Men’s Style Director of the New York Times, and was a contributing editor to Vogue, Elle, The New Yorker, New York, Interview, Ocean Drive and Details. Rubenstein is co-director of The Fund in the Sun Foundation, on the boards of The Paul Taylor Dance Company and Live Out Loud. In addition to creating and editing the cult classic Egg Magazine, Rubenstein is also a noted food critic and consultant, appears regularly on HSN with his eponymous clothing line and is the author of four books, his latest being The Looks of Love:50 Moments in Fashion that Inspired Romance  (HarperCollins, 2015).

Summer Jewelry By Hal Rubenstein

BG3883Y45JJ_BG3851W45JJ_BG3850W45JJ~IG~SMALL~FASHION EG13185Y45JJ_LR51127Y45JJ~edited summer jwlry

As someone who has always loved shiny, pretty things, and believes minimalism is highly overrated, I find it unimaginable that anyone would prefer to face the day without adornment.

But even my exuberant faith needs some adjustment in the good old summertime, when jewelry takes on a different glow, a more noticeable profile, a different temperature, and some curious challenges.  So here are points to consider when you want put a shine on in the sunlight.

  • Diamonds appear twice their size in summer sun. So adjust accordingly depending on whether you want to stand out or stick out.


  • Favor colored stones that easily catch the light like aquamarines, peridots, citrines, quartz, morganite and fire opals over light absorbing gems like garnets, malachite, or onyx.BG3831_3888_3428_edited
  • Pearls may be white but on their own they look elegantly at odds in bucolic settings or along the shore and are often vulnerable if you are engaged in sports or strenuous activity.  The exception to this caution, however is any time you reach for a Little Black Dress.
  • Less precious metals like copper, brass or alloys heat up much more rapidly in the summertime. Stick to the good stuff.NK5565Y45JJ-1
  • The most obvious statement you may be making with a statement necklace, or any form of big link chain is “Oh, my word, this is making me sweat!” Summer is the season for jewelry that’s weightless and airy, that fluidly moves and swings.


  • Under a full moon, candlelight, the strung bulbs of an outdoor café, or Gabriel-EG13259W84JJ-2LED lights in a club, long earrings with faceted sparkle will act as you own
    personal lighting system, highlighting your face, enhancing your cheekbones and fresh tan
  • If you are wear jewelry to the beach, do not remove it to go in the water. A beach bag is too careless a place to put something so precious, for it is too easily mislaid or stolen.
  • Nevertheless, just as extreme heat makes fingers swell, the sudden plunge into a cold ocean or frigid lake can make fingers “shrink”. Make sure your rings are secure, or leave them at home.

In fact, do not wear your best jewelry to the beach, for, oh so many reasons:

  • It’s not only abrasive, it’s torture when it’s time to search for that lost earring, which is why we strongly recommend Gabriel’s patented screwback hoops.


  • an aggressive wave can be a jewlery thief
  • sweat and silver are not good friends
  • sun tan oil and bug repellent gets into links and setting, dulls metal’s shine and forms a film over stones
  • chlorine is no ally of pendants hanging from leather, or braided bracelets made from any fabric.  It can compromise their strength and discolor them.  Over-chlorinated hot tubs can even discolor silver.


  • NEVER wear jewelry while gardening. Besides getting it filthy, certain chemicals in soil can do damage, unknown buried matter can scratch or catch bracelets. Gardening gloves don’t necessarily solve the issue.  When you are done, you can easily pull off a ring without knowing it.  Take it off what matters before you get too close to nature.
  • Take into account that sunglasses with polished wire or metal counts as jewelry in the overall picture.
  • On one hand, it’s great to take your favorite pieces with you when you go on vacation especially if it’s going to be a romantic getaway. If that’s the case, either put them on and never take them off, or make sure the pieces you packed are insured. Hotel safes are not exactly Fort Knox, and hotels make it very clear that they not responsible for lossesIMG_9610 2


  • Summer knits are so appealing and sensual because of their seductively open loose weaves. But they are also a web just waiting to ensnare your jewelry and break your heart. Remove adornments with edges, catches unique geometry or easy movement before you put on or take off your knits.  We don’t want the sun to catch you crying.

The ‘Secret’ of Redefining Engaged By Hal Rubenstein

The way you see it, there’s no other love like yours.

No matter the fairy tales you’ve sighed for, songs you’ve swooned over, or movies that needed tissues handy, none can match the combination of shared dreams, exhilarating chemistry, unabashed attraction, special dates, never-to-be IMG_8732editedforgotten getaways, saved notes, surprise gifts, ceaseless curiosity and unequivocal trust the two of you share. Love is the ultimate marvel and mystery because it ignites and develops a unique form of communication between a couple – a system of knowing glances, private touches, whispered signals, and explainable telepathy that sets both of you apart from the rest of the world. We call them “SECRETS”.

Well, if you are blessed with these secrets of love, why shouldn’t the ultimate symbol of your union – your engagement ring – have a few secrets of its own?

Behold Gabriel & Co.’s new array of settings that go beyond IMG_8757editedsingular beauty.  Each collection offers rings harboring stunning, intricate and unexpected flourishes of romantic artisanry – a hidden infinity symbol in pave diamonds, a glorious diamond rosette tucked under the solitaire, spirals of pink gold nestled inside a band of white gold, a gallery of prongs that elevate the solitaire like a crown –  that are so discreetly and seductively engineered they’re obvious only to the lucky gent who proposed with it and the woman who accepted it and treasures this ring on her finger everyday. Of course, you can reveal Gabriel & Co.’s beautiful one-of-a-kind secrets to one and all if you so choose to show if off to an inevitable chorus of unanimous wonderment. Or perhaps, you may want to hold your ring close, with a quiet, selfish glee, knowing it holds yet one more marvelous, intimate secret you can cherish together forever.  And that’s how Gabriel is Redefining Engaged.

In Simplicity We Trust By Hal Rubenstein

April 20, 2016

Life demands change, but these days it feels like we’ve gone into hyper drive. Everything seems to move much faster. Yet, there’s always more to do. A staggering amount of information and options is right there at our fingertips, so there’s almost nothing we can’t know or try. But when do we ever have enough time? With so much going on around us, how can we make sure and be confident that we are putting our best selves out there. We’d rather not deal with anything complicated. In fact, simplicity holds the key to happiness.


Simplicity is not only modern, it’s refreshing, even invigorating, when you can streamline your life by seeking, discovering, trusting and embracing those precise elements that will insure looking and feeling one’s best without stress or second-guessing. It’s that smashing haircut you can wash and dry almost without glancing in a mirror, the fit and flare of a dress that makes you want to start dancing the moment its zipped up, the sexy heel you can strut in, that cropped leather motor-cross jacket you grab without thinking, instinctively knowing it works with everything.


And to top each day or night’s outfit off with just the right polish and shine, let’s go for eye-catching diamond and gold shard earrings, or a graceful chain that sports three, small, diamond triangles, the sensuous open star ring, the bracelet that embraces your wrist with a glinting spray of comet trails or any of the strikingly beautiful, effortlessly wearable, why-ever-take-this-off practical, new sparkling works Gabriel & Co. has added to its Fine Jewelry Everyday collections. As you can see from our beguiling new campaign, Fine Jewelry Everyday is more than a clever slogan. It’s Gabriel’s foolproof shortcut 09_085to stunning. How delicious it is to wear something expertly crafted, sure to last as long as your passion for it, and as valued as it is valuable. How inspiring it is to find jewelry that is this special without ever appearing precious. The irresistible brilliance of Fine Jewelry Everyday is that not only is every piece a perfect fit for the world we are rushing to strive and thrive in and feels so organic you’ll forget you’re wearing it, but that our fine jewelry’s subtle beauty is guaranteed to get you noticed every time you wear it, which – as we think you will soon happily decide – will be everyday.  How simply wonderful is that?


The New Wow Factor By Hal Rubenstein

December 15, 2015
We can’t help ourselves.  It’s how we are wired, conditioned by countless movies, television shows, commercials, magazine ads, and almost everywhere else we look. Thanks to non-stop visual stimuli, we believe and expect that when giving a gift to someone, you haven’t hit it out of the park unless the recipient of your generosity and affection experiences The Wow Factor. This is that moment when, upon tearing off the ribbon and the wrapping paper, his or her eyes suddenly grow large and glisten like fire opals, hands shake in spastic flutter, and a screech escapes a smile that has widened almost touching each lobe. And when this near hysteria occurs, you instantly feel like the North Star of your giftee’s world.
Admit it. You’ve imagined it. We all do. Why not? The problem is that in pursuit of this fevered goal, one’s eager, well-intentioned efforts have a tendency to overshoot the mark. For example, come upon a lush, rich, deep navy cashmere sweater. But dark blue doesn’t make the heart race. So you think, “I know. I’ll buy the turquoise one instead!” even though you’ve have never seen him or her wear that color. Yeah, when that box is opened – Wowza! No? Perhaps. More likely, you just purchased prime regifting material.

A similar miscalculation occurs when people go to buy jewelry. It’s not enough that it sparkles like early starlight or elicits the subtle rush of a stolen kiss. Nah, you want bigger, brighter, rock ‘em, sock ’em bling (gosh, I despise that word) that will practically burst out of the box saying, “Look at me!”  Well, maybe you do, if you are absolutely, positively sure that’s what your honey loves and craves, and wears with the throwaway panache of donning a boyfriend sweater. But more than likely, you’ll get your Wow Factor moment, it will be just, and only that. Almost immediately, the reality of earrings too 
rarified and elaborate for comfort, a ring that can’t ever fit inside a glove, a necklace that makes such a statement that it’s shouting in a workaday world set in. It’s great that these pieces look amazing in the box because that’s where they’re going to spend most of their long life, tucked into a special place in the top drawer. Now, where is the Wow in that?

What if, instead, you chose a piece of fine jewelry that boasted a different set of attributes? Like a pendant that set alluringly right in the clavicle. Or earrings, whose geometry was so cleverly crafted they gracefully dovetailed right into the jawline, or rings that stacked with such playful individuality that they were actually fun to wear. How different would your choice be if wearability, intricate craftsmanship, easy versatility, ergonomic harmony and striking simplicity of design headed your checklist rather than all that flash? Instead of the jewelry that says, “Look at me”, try opting for jewelry that when worn prompts the wearer to look in the mirror and think, “Look at me!” What if the Wow Factor generated eyes that crinkled in delight, cheeks gently flushing with warmth, and a knowing smile stifling the sweetest of giggles? That jewelry may never see the inside of that box again. And you just might become someone’s North Star for forever.

How to Grin and Bear Gift By Hal Rubenstein

November 12, 2015

The temperature remains in the mid-sixties in New York. People are still walking their dogs in Central Park wearing shorts. But head out to the mall and you can almost feel the frost on your breath. In case you can’t see the forest for all the ornament-laden trees, as far as retail is concerned, it’s already holly jolly time. Then how come you don’t look very merry? Is it because you would rather have an MRI than shop for presents? When I tell friends I get off on buying gifts, they look at me as if I said I serve liver and onions on Thanksgiving. After all, searching for something for someone to cherish should enrich the spirit and spark the soul, not turn you into a glassy-eyed zombie wandering the mall aimlessly like Jews in the desert. What you need is a new approach and an attitude adjustment. Lucky for you, I’m here to help. So sit down, exhale and open your eyes:

Shopping at the last minute doesn’t help – especially when you can buy gifts all year long and put them away – but the biggest mistake you make is in not paying attention until the last minute. The key to great gift buying lies in your powers of observation and ability to listen. People are remarking on what they like all the time – when they window shop, look at an online shopping site or look at a magazine. So don’t wait until December 17th to prick up your ears.

Don’t go shopping for everyone you have to all at once. You won’t save time. You’ll buy nothing. Instead, make a list of recipients and write it down on your tablet, your smartphone or even better on a pad with a pencil (Surely they are somewhere around the house). Carry that pad with you at all times until you have wrapped every gift.

Starting now, tune into the appearance, habits, manners, conversations of everyone on the list. Clock when they talk about the last play or song they downloaded. Do they talk about movies, Italian food, sex, football? Is anything
pierced? Steal a smartphone shot of the inside of their home As for the ones you live with and love most, snoop through their rooms or belongings. Note their shoes, bags, scarves, colors of sweaters. You’ll be amazed at the info you will gather in no time.

Do not keep what you heard in your head! Write down what you heard next to their names on that pad. It only takes a few minutes. Take the pad with you whenever you shop.

You want those who love you to adore you? Buying what people need is nice. But buying what each one of them desires is so much better!

Unless you know sizes and where they shop, buying clothing has its risks. Accessories are a smarter, safer way to go. BUT NO GIFT IS AS SURE TO GET A MORE EFFUSIVE, “OH-MY-GOSH-I-CAN’T-BELIEVE-IT-CAN-I-PUT-IT-ON-NOW-OH-MY-GOSH-I’M-NEVER-TAKING-IT-OFF” REACTION THAN JEWELRY! Virtually no one outgrows his or her childlike love of sparkle. Thank goodness!

Want to take the guesswork out of jewelry? If you don’t already know ring and neck sizes, dip into someone’s jewelry box, borrow a few things and head for the jeweler. Note the color metal and stones they favor. For bracelets, gently take hold of your loved ones wrist while strolling, and try to remember how much of your hand went round.

For the record, people enjoy birthstones. You do know their birthday, don’t you? If you don’t, you may need more help than this column can offer. And a casual stroll past jewelry store window couldn’t hurt. BUT I HAVE NEVER MET ANYONE SANE WHO DOESN’T THRILL TO DIAMONDS!  

Unless one of your loved ones rules a small country, there’s no need to shop for the Crown Jewels. In fact, don’t buy something so fancy it’s bound to be saved for holidays and anniversaries. Buy jewelry they can always enjoy. The reason Gabriel & Co. is so proud of its collections of fine jewelry everyday is because no gift exceeds the joy one witnesses when someone incorporates that ring, necklace, earring or bracelet you just gave them into their signature daily look. Every time they look in the mirror, there will be that flicker or memory that recalls the moment they received this wonderful treat they love so much.

No need to get dressed, brave traffic, or find a place to park. Soon as you settle on a budget go onto Gabriel & Co’s newly redesigned, easy and fun to navigate website and start shopping NOW.Write down the numbers of items you like – On that pad remember? – and search the site for the jeweler that carries them, or call us – the number for Gabriel & Co is on the home page – so we can locate and insure you getting the pieces you want.

Don’t go broke. Buy without regret, so you can smile as much as they do. Remember, the great thing about fine jewelry is that it sparkles at any price.

ONE FINAL NOTE – These tips work for: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s & Father’s day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Bar Mitzvah, Weddings, and just because it’s Tuesday and you want someone to know you love them. You can use this process whenever you need to buys gifts throughout the year.

You’re welcome!