HOW TO: Stack Gabriel & Co. Rings

LR51175, LR4871, LR51184, LR51174

That classic fashion rule of “less is more” is out the door.  Instead, we believe in ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES, especially when it comes to layering, mixing, matching our infinitely exciting stackable rings.


Mix & Match

LR50485, LR6317, LR5701

The fun and beauty of stackable rings is that they give you choice, variety, and even spontaneity, so that you can add a more personalized touch to your individual look. You can create a set that serves as a cohesive design to wear on a daily basis, but then, when the mood hits or the occasion arrives,  mix and match them with more distinct rings. Choose from an array of geometric rings for a bold and edgy look, or a mix of ornate filigree detailed bands with a feminine flair to help get you in the mood for a romantic evening.


Pops of Color

LR4571, LR6319, ER7494, WB7494, LR4588

Stick with one color gold’ is another rule that we are officially and permanently breaking.  Mix yellow with white, rose with yellow, plus add a pop of color by inserting some colored gemstones in between rings with diamonds.  Why shouldn’t your fingers have a wardrobe of rings too?

How many?

As long as your hands appear visually pleasing, and your choices don’t hinder you from getting work done, no number is too many!  However, here are a few things to consider when putting many rings together:

  • Are you going for a carefree boho-inspired carefree image, or a sleek and sophisticated date
    LR4593, LR4748, LR4579, LR6317

    night look?

  • Are you wearing other jewelry, like chunky bracelets, or large drop earrings? 
  • The sizes of the rings in relation to each other also make a difference.  Are the rings you picked all chunky, or you’re mixing in a few thinner ones? Variation is the key to multiples.
  • Can you bend your knuckle?  Does it catch on your knits?   
  • And most important, do you like the way you feel when you wear what you’ve chosen.
Our unparalleled array of stackable rings lets you mix metals, colors and styles to create a look all your own. View our entire Stackable Collection here

HOW TO: Choose Hoop Earrings

Things to remember when it comes to hoop earrings:

  • The best way to make any look sexier is to put on a pair of hoops
  • EVERY woman looks sensational in a pair of hoops
  • Hoops never have, and never will go out of style, just like a black pump or your favorite LBD.

hoopWhich pair of hoops is best for you?

You’ll either fall in love with a pair, put them on, and you’re done because you’ll never want to take them off. Or, you’ll want to acquire a small collection of hoops for different occasions, outfits and moods. Either way, you first need to find which hoops look best on you.  

What to look for when trying on hoops:

The weight of the hoop

You want them to be comfortable enough for you to wear all day, or all night! Gabriel & Co. hoops are so light, it makes wearing every size a possibility.EG12901_edited

The size of the hoop

The larger the hoop is, the more movement it will have, and the more it will frame your face, which will garner more attention.

The metals and details

Do you prefer gold or silver, diamond adorned or other precious stones? Do you like a sleek style or more ornate, with a filigree detail? Try on a few styles; you never know which pair, (or pairs) work for you!

The length of your hair

EG12897_editedWill a delicate and dainty hoop get lost in your long luscious locks? Is a big hoop going to overwhelm a short crop, or perfectly juxtapose a bob?  How does the effect of the hoop change when you wear your hair up or down?

The shape of your jawline

Varying sizes in hoop earrings can accentuate your natural features. They can elongate the face, giving the illusion of strengthening a softer jawline or highlighting a cheekbone, depending on where they fall around your face.

The sparkle and size of the stones

intricate_hoopsGabriel & Co.’s diamond hoops have a beautiful glimmer of sparkle, which can add a subtle touch of shimmer and elegance to any look, be it weekend casual, or evening glamour.

Gabriel & Co.’s hoop earrings are distinct in that we have a screwback feature in all our hoop earrings, so the one thing you won’t have to think about when trying on our hoops are whether you will lose them. 

HOW TO: Wear Stackable Bracelets

Wear your stackables with everything you own, they go with anything from your tees & jeans, to formal wear, to whatever you love lounging in. There’s nowhere your Gabriel & Co. bracelets won’t look and feel sensational.

There are no rules when it comes to choosing stackables, but here are some great tips on how to make them look even better!


(Pictured above: BG3912Y45JJ, BG3968Y45JJ, BG3985Y45JJ)

On The Look:TB3899W45JJ_TB3900W45JJ_TB3897W45JJ~IN~Small~Fashion
Stackable Bracelets come in two looks:

  • Carefree and casual, they move up and down the arm.
  • Polished and sophisticated, they stay where they are positioned

(Pictured to the right: TB3899W45JJ, TB3900W45JJ, TB3897W45JJ

When choosing a few bracelets together, it’s best to choose within the same look. 

On Mixing:BG3913W45JJ_BG3976W45JJ_BG3972Y45JJ_BG3915Y45JJ_BG3979W45JJ~IG~SMALL~FASHION

  • Of course, similar metals, or similar stones, (all diamonds, or all sapphires, for example) give a clean and harmonious look.
  • However, mixing metals and colored stones in your stack adds a trendy and fun touch, and creates a greater visual design.

Mixing tends to work better with stackables that move more fluidly, to accentuate the carefree and casual look you are going for!

(Pictured above: BG3913W45JJ, BG3976W45JJ, BG3972Y45JJ, BG3915Y45JJ, BG3979W45JJ)

On Caring:

  • You put a lot of thought when putting together your favorite stackables, so put some thought into taking care of them too.
  • Avoid pairing bracelets whose design features may damage each other.
  • While wearing bracelets, be careful when putting your arms in sleeves—if they snag on your clothes, it’ll ruin both your bracelet and your favorite top. In fact, wear them last after you get dressed.
  • Regularly check your bracelets for scratches, loose stones, worn clasps, and safety catches. It’s a natural precaution for jewelry with a lot of movement.

Think about these three practical elements of wearing these bracelets:

  • How many of these can I wear that it won’t affect my ability to do day-to-day tasks?BG3992Y45JJ_BG4001Y45JJ_BG4003Y45JJ~IG~SMALL~FASHION
  • Will any of my daily activities cause any wear and tear to the bracelets?
  • How much noise does the stack I have on make, and does it bother me? Will it bother others around me?

(Pictured to the right: BG3992Y45JJ, BG4001Y45JJ, BG4003Y45JJ)

Wear your stackables with everything you own, they go with anything from your tees & jeans, to formal wear, to whatever you love lounging in. There’s nowhere your Gabriel & Co. bracelets won’t look and feel sensational.

HOW TO: Choose Necklaces for Specific Necklines

One of the brightest ways to celebrate personal style is to simply clasp on a gold or silver necklace with a shot of sparkle.

And the easiest way to choose the most flattering chain is by working with the neckline of your day’s (or night’s) outfit.




1. Strapless (NK5360W84JJ):

There are several options and each can be incredibly eye-catching.
• Set a single solitaire pendant on a thin chain to lie right in the dimple of your clavicle.
• Choose a brilliant and bold statement necklace. All diamonds have incredible impact, especially when the dress is monochromatic. Multi-colored stones look impressive against a black gown as well.
• Choose a delicately crafted choker that is either centered on one large centerpiece stone, or highlights intricate artisanry and small set stones.


2. Turtlenecks (NK5383W84OX):

Because turtlenecks represent a more causal style and tend to be bulkier than the other options, choose necklaces that are lightweight, not too grand and move freely. A pendant on a long chain, or layered with another one elongates the body as the sweater does and won’t get tangled in the weave. Remember remove your necklaces BEFORE you take off the sweater.


3. Halter necks (NK5214W45JJ & NK5216W45JJ):

Most effective when worn with a long pendant on a dense but not wide link that sports a sparkling drop that is shaped in such a way as to point, however, obviously, to your cleavage.


4. Boat neck (NK5457SVJKD & NK5345W45JJ):

To contrast the horizontal neckline, pick two long vertical lengths, one that ends with a specific pendant or drop, and the other that frames the drop with a longer, more graceful curve.


5. Off the Shoulder (NK4076SVJGO):

You could wear a choker similar to one described under “strapless’ but the strongest look for this sensual neckline is ropes and ropes of gold and silver, of varied widths and lengths as many as you can handle. Just note – this can be dangerous if the evening includes a night of dancing.


6. Crew or Jewel (NK5327W45JJ & NK5222W45JJ):

So called because it reflects the same circumference as a classic strand of pearls. But don’t limit yourself. It’s a smart backdrop for a metal link chain or to loosely layer a combination of chain and bejeweled ropes for a fresh, informal take on glamour.


7. Button down shirt (NK5461SVJKD):

By the nature of the blouse’s silhouette, necklace placement is both understated and partially hidden. Consequently, it’s best to choose one of uniform design and detail (same sized stone or link all around) long enough to drop below the clavicle but short enough to display the bottom curve before the highest closed shirt button.