Curved Wedding Bands – Bringing Together Style, Versatility, and Uniqueness

Curved Wedding Bands

Most standard and dated jewelry rules no longer exist today. Everyone has free will to exercise their right to experimentation and let their creative choices take the forefront. Depending on one’s aesthetic bent, they may choose traditional or modern, matching pairs or completely mismatched items; sturdy or delicate, classic or outlandish. There is no right or wrong as long as the jewelry piece complements your effortless style and adds to the appearance. The excitement of buying wedding jewelry is one-of-a-kind. It’s a mix of emotions, from being elated at the thought of marrying the person you love to some sweet anxious pangs at entering this new phase of your life. The curved wedding bands rightfully resonate with these emotions. Presenting something unique and afresh, they are a delightful detour from the traditional choice of wedding bands yet tend to blend flawlessly with all your looks. They can be effortlessly stacked with other rings from your bridal ensemble.

The Rise of the Curved Wedding Bands

Since they symbolize devotion to your significant other, wedding bands are as much a part of wedding traditions as the ceremony itself. The embracing silhouette of the curved band’s style, which first appeared in Victorian times and was very popular throughout the Art Deco period, is making a strong comeback as the “new” modern wedding band style for this decade.

Interestingly the same curved wedding band is also referred to by other names like Notched Wedding Bands, Chevron Wedding Bands, or V Wedding Band. These stylish bands became all the rage during the Victorian era, especially in the much beloved “Toi et Moi” or “Me and You” styles, wrapping two stones together to last a lifetime. Quite identical to two soulmates being together for a lifetime, isn’t it? Curved wedding bands have evolved recently, crafted to fit comfortably and snugly on the ring finger, making them wearable as standalone or paired with the engagement ring. The versatile jewelry style has started to regain exponential popularity and is often chosen by modern brides.

Adopting the Twisted Trend!

From the clothes and jewelry they wear to the restaurants they eat in, celebrities help drive the trends majorly. We are fueled by a deep desire to recreate as much of their seemingly magical lives as possible. Quite a few celebrities have flashily sported the curved wedding bands in recent times. Though the trend has been around since the golden Victorian era, the curved wedding bands give a befitting competition to the classic eternity bands even today. No matter what style you are looking for, curved wedding bands are the talk of the town. Incredibly versatile and fashionable, they remain a classic choice for women’s wedding bands.

There’s so much to consider for wedding band shopping, from the color to choose to the metal. Are you already feeling perplexed and weighed down by the pressure to pick the perfect wedding band? One might consider buying the engagement ring and wedding band together, but if that ship has sailed for you, we’ve gathered a few designs of curved wedding bands that shall beautifully accentuate ay engagement ring!

Curved Wedding Bands in Yellow Gold

Getting proposed and engaged to the love of your life is almost like basking in the sun’s glow – nourished, content, and fulfilled from within. That golden glow on you is best enhanced and replicated by the shining golden hues of the yellow gold metal. While other metal wedding bands may fall in or out of fashion, yellow gold wedding bands have a timeless quality that couples find perennially appealing. With round-cut sparkling diamonds arranged in a row, all these three rings look equally graceful yet regal at the same time. There isn’t really much thought that a bride needs to put in before deciding on these rings. They are ethereal and make a rich style statement.   

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Authentic vintage yellow gold wedding bands guarantee a one-of-a-kind look. They feature exquisite details like hand engraving and milgrain, and diamonds in antique cuts have an unmissable charm! These vintage wedding bands are infused with history and character and make an excellent addition to any bridal jewelry ensemble.

Curved Wedding Bands in Rose Gold

We consider rose gold metal the most fitting choice for a wedding band style as the color emanates a strong vibe of love, romance, luxuriousness, and feminism. All the adjectives are in absolute coherence with the emotions surrounding a wedding. This curved wedding band collection is inspired by the majestic peaks and breath-taking valleys of the mountain ranges, similar to the highs and lows of a relationship. Times that consolidate the strength of two individuals as a couple and bind them in togetherness forever. These bands are the perfect way to lend an entirely new composition to your wedding jewelry with their charming color tone.  

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If your engagement ring is in rose gold metal, then these bands are a definite must-have. Also, to create a unique statement, consider having a two-tone engagement ring in rose gold and white gold and stacking it with your rose gold wedding band. Quite a niche style, and it shall stand out from the rest of your jewelry collection. But doesn’t that amount to some amazing styling trend? Worn by the likes of Katie Holmes and Blake Lively, the alluring rose gold metal is definitely high on trend and must make its way to your wedding jewelry collection.

Curved Wedding Bands in White Gold

If you have a taste for subtle and understated jewelry, a white gold curved wedding band should appeal to your evolved tastes. Since the color of the metal and the brilliance of the diamonds are both color neutral, the curved silhouette of the rings adds that much desired dazzling effect. Not to mention, the versatile metal is a continuously popular choice for wedding bands as it beautifully suits every skin tone.

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A curved wedding band in white gold allows you to be bolder with your styling choices while pairing it with other pieces from your collection. It could be an engagement ring in any metal type, with or without diamonds, or even some sparkling colored stone. For a sleek halo of radiance on your finger, wear the curved wedding band alone, and for a more eye-catchy look, stack it with your engagement ring.

Curved Wedding Bands Under $1000

The best part about wedding jewelry is the profoundness of the emotion and commitment that it signifies, and not the price tag it carries. So, to accommodate all budgets and preferences, we have a selection of stunning curved wedding bands that solemnize your wedding vows without digging too deep into your pockets. Also, these curved bands can be gifts for anniversaries or other special days to commemorate your love, togetherness, or milestones achieved together as a couple.  

Curved Bands From $1000 to $2000

Contrary to popular belief, a wedding band doesn’t have to be insanely expensive to be precious and high quality. While it’s hard to find if you don’t know what to look for, there are many stunning, finely made wedding bands that won’t break the bank. Prioritize selecting a band made of precious metal- yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold, and then let your senses be charmed by the band that holds your attention the most. Trusting your instincts while selecting will definitely lead you to the most endearing band for your wedding.

Curved Bands From $1000 to $2000

Justifying their price, these bands stand out for their design and brilliance. They are graceful, vintage, and carry a pristine elite feel, which is irresistible for someone with refined tastes. If you are looking for a unique design in a curved band and are willing to splash out a little more money, these wedding rings should be your pick.

Thinking which curved wedding band might be right for you? Browse our new collection today, and don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss bespoke options for a more than perfect fit.

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