Diamond Stud Earrings – Classy, Timeless Jewelry

Diamond Stud Earrings

Do you reach for your ear lobes before leaving the house? Groping in your purse for jingling house keys has been replaced with the assurance of a completed outfit: stud earrings being that staple for many women. The subtle statement of diamond stud earrings gives an air of sophistication and flair without being garish. They offer a modest finishing touch just as a hairstyle frames the face. At Gabriel and Co., we are always finding new ways to style every type of woman to suit her lifestyle. Whether she is an upbeat professional or an encyclopedic creative, we offer luxurious diamond stud earrings that are truly universal.

Diamond stud earrings are the most prevalent classic fashion earrings. They are interchangeable and solidified in our culture as a wardrobe staple. In the 1950s and early 60s, diamond and pearl stud styles were made popular among First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis and old Hollywood alums like Dorothy Dandridge. The mid-60s and 70s swiftly moved earring designs toward flashy doorknockers, hoops, and mod shapes. In the 80s and 90s, studs became flashy and geometric, ushering in an era of modern jewelry.

History Behind Stud Earrings

The history of diamond stud earrings draws from a lineage of worldwide royalty. Surprisingly, these earrings were first worn almost 7000 years ago and continued in history, mainly as a sign to establish political and social supremacy. Though earrings were considered a female accessory during the Renaissance, King Louis XIV often wore baroque-style earrings. A popular fashion at the time, these were hanging earrings with stones like gold beads, pearls, or colorful gemstones. Asian royals were the first to wear stud-style earrings to differentiate their upper-class status. Ancient Egyptians of all socio-economic classes accessorized their looks with stud earrings that held significance with religious representation.

Diamond Stud Earrings at Gabriel & Co.

Different earring designs help accomplish unique looks for different outfits and occasions. Our stud earrings collection highlights basketweave gold, textured silver, diamond halo frames, bezel-set diamonds, and more. Since this earring style is timeless, we suggest having a few pairs in your collection and not limiting it to just one. We can truly cater to your tastes and spoil you with choice with our selection of endless designs.

The stud earring designs come in all shapes, settings, and styles. Choose to keep it simple or glam it up if you have multiple ear piercings. Take after Miley Cyrus’ playful accessorizing and add a couple of ear cuffs to accentuate for eclectic glamor. Or remain luxuriously minimal with a statement diamond stud like Megan Markle’s royal wedding look. We vouch for both the looks equally. 

When shopping for diamond studs, it is paramount to keep a few things in mind: explore with a budget and consider what kind of mounting, metal type, and diamond design you desire. You can also pick a design embellished with birthstone gems; they even make perfect gifts. A shimmering emerald or sapphire stone featured at the center of a diamond stud earring enhances the appeal notches higher. Gabriel & Co. is committed to catering to every style aesthetic, from traditional to edgy, subtle to extravagant.

The bezel design offers a clean, modern look with the diamond as the focus. The diamond can be encompassed by yellow, white, or sometimes rose gold. This design highlights the radiance of pave diamonds surrounded by a warm contrast of yellow gold.

Deciding on a specific size or shape is a key factor in styling. Put yourself in multiple scenarios: will you wear this time and time and again? Or is it a trend that you might save for special occasions? We love this yellow gold clover earring that offers a four-diamond cluster in the center.

Go sleek and geometric with this marquise-shaped all pavé diamond stud set in white gold. Marquise shapes give the earlobe a subtle sleek fit and a regal attitude. Dazzling pavé diamonds catch the light without being overbearing.

Gabriel & Co. diamond studs also come in a variety of designs that include birthstone gemstones for every month. Try our timeless stud sapphire earrings that are surrounded and enhanced by a bursting diamond halo.

Make a statement: try these white gold “X” studs that house pavé diamonds in a modern take on a retro design that adds perfect amount of edge to your accessorizing.

A very Jackie O. pair indeed: our cultured pearl latch-back studs are decorated with double halo of pavé diamonds radiating the epitome of refinement and classic glamour.

Whether you have a minimal style aesthetic or like to make a prominent style statement with your looks, diamond stud earrings always come in handy as classy accessories. They look elite and refined, and it may be safe to say, no woman can ever go wrong with a pair of stud earrings. Browse through our collection of beautifully designed and crafted stud earrings, and we are confident you would never get enough of wearing them!  

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