What Makes Diamond Stud Earrings Timeless Style Staples?

“Classics are eternally fashionable” – For most young women, the childhood visual of their mother decked out in her sartorial finery is a vividly etched memory. And one jewelry piece that prominently features in most looks is the classic diamond stud earrings. Diamond stud earrings look luxurious and sophisticated without being over the top. They round off any look to perfection beautifully – a formal pantsuit, an off-shoulder dress, or even a turtleneck sweater for those chilly winters. No wonder our fascination with this earring design embeds itself in our aesthetic sensibilities early in our lives. At Gabriel and Co., we always strive to offer jewelry styles to suit every woman’s personality and lifestyle. Our stud earring designs are truly universal whether she is a corporate honcho, an encyclopedic ninja, or a creative virtuoso.

History of Diamond Stud Earrings

With a minimalist silhouette, this design is the most prevalent of classic fashion earrings. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the wealthy and the privileged wanted to showcase their status with ostentatious diamond earrings that would speak for themselves. For this, women from noble and aristocratic families would often wear elaborate diamond earring designs. Diamond studs made their appearance on the fashion scene in the 1920s. In the 1950s and early 60s, diamond and pearl stud styles were immensely popular among First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis (a beacon for timeless style with her pillbox hats and pearl stud earring sets) and old Hollywood alums like Dorothy Dandridge (she epitomized classic 1950s accessorizing and was the first African American actress in a leading role, nominated for an Oscar). The mid-60s and 70s swiftly moved earrings into a direction of flashy doorknockers, hoops, and mod shapes. In the 80s and 90s, studs became flashy and geometric, ushering in an era of modern jewelry.

The history of diamond stud earrings draws from a lineage of international royalty. Asian royals, to establish their upper-class status, first wore stud-style earrings. Ancient Egyptians of all socio-economic classes accessorized their looks with earrings and other jewelry that held significance with religious representation. Though earrings were considered a women’s accessory during the Renaissance, King Louis XIV often wore baroque-style earrings: a popular fashion statement of the time, composed of gold, pearl, or colorful gemstones. Since they are so versatile to style, stud earrings can be worn as mix-matched sets or single earrings, which recently became popular on the Spring 2020 runways.

Diamond Stud Earrings at Gabriel & Co.

When shopping for diamond studs, it is paramount to keep a few things in mind: explore with a budget and consider the mounting, metal type, and diamond design you desire. You can also incorporate birthstone gems in case you wish to gift someone an earring pair. The stud earring designs at Gabriel & Co. highlight basketweave gold, textured silver, diamond halo frames, bezel-set diamonds, and so much more. With such a wide-ranging collection, there is a design for every occasion, style, and personality, from modest to edgy, effortless to exuberant.

The bezel design offers a clean, modern look, putting the diamond in focus. The one above beautifully captures the glamour of scintillating pavé diamonds, while the surrounding yellow gold adds a warm contrast. With the diamond taking centerstage, one has the free will to choose the metal type according to their taste, between yellow, white, or rose gold.

Deciding on a specific size or shape is a key factor in styling. While shortlisting your favorite stud earring design, envision yourself in multiple scenarios: can you style this jewelry piece repeatedly with different looks? Or is it a trend you would like to save only for special occasions? If your choice aligns with what you need, we say go for it with no second thoughts. One of the precise reasons we love this yellow gold two-piece arrow earring – it is unique and contemporary, yet can be styled daily and with varied looks.

Go sleek and geometric with this marquise-shaped all pavé diamond stud set in white gold. Marquise shapes give the earlobe a subtle, sleek fit and a regal attitude. Dazzling pavé diamonds catch the light without being overbearing.

Gabriel & Co. diamond studs also boast stunning designs featuring monthly birthstones. Try our breathtaking heart-shaped sapphire and diamond studs set in polished white gold. The iconic combination of white gold metal and blue stone set in a heart shape is reminiscent of the famous “Heart of the Ocean” necklace, as seen in Titanic.

This pair is for those who are bold in making edgy style statements. Let your studs do the talking, or rather be the conversation-starters. Add a non-conformist dimension to your accessorizing with these gold pyramid studs encapsulating pavé diamonds in a geometric canvas – a modern take on a retro design.

A very Jackie O. pair indeed: our cultured pearl latch-back studs are decorated with overlapping rings of pavé diamonds radiating tons of refinement and classic glamour.

Our diamond stud collection is a haven for an earring enthusiast. The designs feature a beautiful, innovative variety of shapes, settings, and styles. Choose to keep it simple or glam it up if you have multiple ear piercings. Take after Miley Cyrus’ playful accessorizing and add a couple of huggies or ear cuffs to exude an eclectic glamour. Or remain luxuriously minimal with a single pair of statement diamond studs like Megan Markle’s royal wedding look.

Whether you decide to dress up extravagantly or casually, throw on a pair of your favorite diamond stud earrings to look the part – dressed to impress no matter how the day unfolds.

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