5 Reasons Every Woman Should Own a Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

It is rather unfair that we are limiting ourselves to only five reasons to wear this evergreen piece of jewelry when we can go on listing endless reasons to adorn these streams of stars forever. Cautious of the virtual space’s limitations, let us fill you in on how the Tennis Bracelet takes your style game up every time you pick one.

1.It is your entire-day jewelry piece that can be carried from 8 AM to 8 PM without looking extra or odd. The striking appeal of a tennis bracelet is appropriate for daytime and night-time events alike.

2. While it amplifies your varied looks on all occasions, it is also an investment for the future and makes for great heirloom pieces.

3. Known as the eternity bracelet until ace tennis player Chris Evert halted a match of the U.S. Open to find her lost row of diamonds, the Tennis Bracelet has been in vogue always. An investment made in this bracelet will thus never fail you.

4. With its sturdy look and appearance, it enhances the personality of its wearer and adds a new captivating and commanding dimension to it.

5. You can dress it up by stacking it with more co-ord bracelets, a metal-only bracelet, and a watch, or dress it down by wearing it alone. The versatility of these bracelets matches none.

Best Ways to Style a Diamond Tennis Bracelet

While we don’t recommend you wear your precious bracelet on any sports court, like Chris Evert, your chances of going wrong in styling it are pretty slim. Effortlessly chic in style, these bracelets look their best in a loose, flirty fit, slightly hanging over from the wrists to the back of your hand. 

They are mostly worn on the left wrist and team excellently well with a watch in a metal strap in the same shade of the bracelet. To highlight your feminine aura, add a couple of pearl bracelets to the tennis bracelet, and slip into a fit-and-flare dress.  

During summers, the tennis bracelet can be used to style cotton blouses in pastel colors but with shorter sleeves. It transforms into a perfect winter accessory and looks modish with bright-colored sweaters with their sleeves casually pulled to the elbow or forearms.

Are Tennis Bracelets Too Expensive an Accessory?

Bedecked with precious diamonds, these jewelry pieces don’t come easy or, if we may say, inexpensive. But, money should not be a determining criterion when buying a rich diamond tennis bracelet. It has been a popular gift choice and perfectly defines romanticism; it never fails to woo your dear one either. If you own one arresting piece of a tennis bracelet, you wouldn’t need any other piece of bling in your drawer, as it goes with almost every item sitting in your wardrobe.

This prized possession can be unapologetically repeated for every occasion, outfit, and mood. Its timelessness makes it a piece of jewelry that can be worn over many decades with an unfading universal and eternal appeal. And as a family heirloom, one can always pass it on to the next generation as an inheritance they will cherish.

Where to Find the Best Diamond Tennis Bracelets?

One needs to do detailed and exhaustive research before procuring a piece of jewelry that is both expensive and exquisite at the same time. But trust us at Gabriel & Co. to make your lives easier here. We have an extensive collection of tennis bracelets in classic as well as unique, contemporary designs. We share the ten best-selling pieces here to win your hearts over in a glance.

A stream of luxurious diamonds lines up to form this exquisite Buttercup Diamond Tennis Bracelet. Set in 14K White Gold, this is a piece of high-end jewelry which transforms into a one-person army to elevate your casual look and define it in a new light.

The jewelry piece has a timeless vibe that goes best with semi-formal attire on daytime occasions. Imagine creating a look with this bracelet with a navy blue blouse featuring a plunging V-Neckline and puffed elbow-length sleeves for a cocktail party! A token from the fairy tales, this bracelet boasts an arrangement of extravagant diamonds encrusted in polished white gold.

A once-in-a-lifetime buy, every bit of this 14K White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet exudes royalty. It is not just a piece of jewelry but an investment that can be passed through generations after you have worn it enough times. Starting with your wedding day, the bracelet can be your companion through all your unforgettable memories, including bringing your child home and attending their weddings a few decades later.

While most tennis bracelets can be characterized as a string of diamonds organized in a circular cast, at Gabriel & Co., we have a series of exquisite designs that distinguish our bracelets from the rest. You can find no excuse not to grab a couple of these masterpieces and make them your own.

We are unraveling this ultimate attention-grabber of a bejeweled tennis bracelet in white gold for the diva that dares to pull out all stops with her blinding bling. With prominent rectangular stations embedded with blazing diamonds, this outstanding piece of jewelry will be a hot charmer everywhere you take it.

The spectacular design from Gabriel & Co. will shine as a reflection of everything that’s all bright and beautiful in your life. Its eclectic crafting with spaced-out round cluster stations makes for an elegant accessory perfect to be teamed with a purple satin dress detailed with flared short sleeves. This combination will make all heads turn at a family dinner or friends’ gathering.

There are those special moments when we all want all eyes to gaze on us in admiration. This marvelous tennis bracelet, rich with multiple layers of diamond-studded rows molded in 18K white gold, comes with a promise of bringing that coveted and awaited moment in your life.

The next bracelet on our list is a piece of exquisite diamond jewelry framed in an eye-catching design. You can style this magnetic tennis bracelet in multiple ways and numerous times before passing it on to a special one in the family as an heirloom treasure.

The dedicated skill showcased through this unique design completes a lavish festive look you may have deliberated on to mark your Christmas Eve or welcome the New Year. It will prove to be an investment you will never regret.

The classic design of this Link Tennis Bracelet is a gift that keeps giving. A versatile piece of precious jewelry smeared in delicate diamonds is remarkable for its interplay with sparkle and metallic glaze.

While tennis bracelets are the most stylish accessories to lift up your look for any dressy event, they are not inappropriate for casual outings either. With their sophisticated and composed look, they also double up as peerless jewelry pieces for work.

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