Double Halo Engagement Rings – Double the Grandiose

Double Halo Engagement Rings

Every bride dreams of an engagement ring that sparkles and professes her deep commitment and love for her soulmate.

Combining the influences of the high-strung vintage era with contemporary times, halo rings enjoy a timeless appeal. Taking cues from celebrities like Kate Middleton and Gwen Stefani, many brides-to-be choose to dazzle one and all in their exquisite halo engagement rings. An off-set of this classic style, the double halo engagement ring caters to those brides like Ashley Tisdale who radiate a natural flair for extra bling and shine.

What are Double Halo Engagement Rings?

As we’re aware, a halo ring refers to a setting that features smaller stones, mainly diamonds, accentuating and encircling the center stone, forming a loop around it. As the name suggests, a double halo ring includes an additional halo surrounding the first one, adding more glimmer to the main stone.

Double halo rings have quickly become highly desirable, boasting of an increased brilliance, scintillation, and sparkle, thereby adding more grandiose and drama to the setting. Having struck a chord with many blushing brides-to-be, the double halo engagement rings redefine classic glamour charmingly.

Tracing back to the 16th century, the trend of wearing double halo engagement rings symbolically blossomed in the Victorian era. The appearance of colorful stones with clear geometric patterns became increasingly popular as these designs sought inspiration from the feminine qualities of a flower during the Art Deco period. Double halo rings then took a chic, elegant turn in the 21st century, while jewelers preserved their retro authenticity in this age of revival. 

Are you ready to know more about this lustrous extravaganza of double halo engagement rings? Then, read on!

Double Halo Engagement Rings

Why are Double Halo Rings a Classic Choice?

Double halo rings have been the preferred choice for brides-to-be for centuries. It alludes to a fantastic style that screams refined taste and flamboyance through its bold demeanor. These bands are highly economical and look breath-taking with diverse diamond shapes and finger sizes in white or rose gold. Creating a gorgeous illusion, the smaller stones seamlessly make the ring appear larger. They are also primarily loved because they form a protective layer around the central diamond, preventing it from damage.

So, who’s ready for double the sparkle, double the fun?

Spoilt for Choice: Types of Double Halo Engagement Rings

Double halo engagement rings celebrate an individual who loves passionately with the ability to dream big, sparkle more, and shine like the brightest light. Double halo engagement rings are very versatile and help beautifully reveal one’s innate beauty.

There are different styles of double halo engagement rings that serve as the foundation of several sophisticated yet statement jewels.  

1. Standard double halo: Referring to a classic double halo ring, this band has tightly knit halos encircling the center stone, intensifying its shimmering brilliance and scintillation.

2. Gemstone double halo: Adding some playful pop, your traditional diamond is replaced with a colored gemstone such as sapphire or rubies, which looks ravishing amongst the glitter.

3. Floating double halo: The floating double halo ring enjoys a distinctive appearance due to the small spaces left in between that are secured together by the sturdy metal. 

4. Vintage double halo: These one-of-a-kind rings take you back to the vintage Art Deco period portraying a stylistic blast from the past.

Exuding an immortal appeal, this irresistible symbol of your ‘happily ever after’ fits in radiantly around the various diamond shapes, making it the cynosure of all eyes. Check out some of our best picks curated especially for you.

1. Round Diamond: An everlasting favorite amongst the to-be brides throughout centuries, this shape pays homage to the circularity of life and an unbreakable bond. A quintessential beauty, the halos enhance the refractive stone splendidly.

Some eye-captivating options, these 14k white gold round double halo rings sizzle lavishly as the prominent centerpiece twinkles intensely, amplifying its fiery sparkle. The stone looks magnificent amidst both the cathedral and cushioned style graduating halo.

While some of these rings resort to simplistic, double halos of accented diamonds, their differently handcrafted shanks are what exude character and sophisticated panache. A perfect blend of the old and new, the age-old motif-laden intricacies showcase the dazzling life contrasts.

These marvels pay tribute to elegant, classy, dignified women, who love all things old-school, yet honor and embrace the changing times. A balancing act!

2. Oval cut: While the elongated poise of the oval cut gives it a softer touch, the double halo setting highlights its larger-than-life look. Double halo oval rings lend a romantic vibe, thanks to its ladylike curvature that blossoms our varied nuances innately. This ring befits all occasions, transcending from your casuals to a formal look. Highly exquisite, the ring design flatters all hands.

Entwined in layered loops, the center stones emanate a luminous glow, while the surrounding pave diamonds add a breath-taking finesse to it. These brilliantly sparkling diamonds are meant for a charismatic and fearless woman, whether they are thin diamond-encrusted shanks or the twisted band set in 14k white gold.

3. Cushion cut: Featuring a square silhouette without sharp edges, this pillow-like cut creates a beaming visual effect that individuals find endearing and tender. Its square or rectangular shape can house a unique centre stone. Brilliantly illuminating through its cut and colour, it gloats with crystal-clear clarity.

Double Halo Engagement Ring
Double Halo Engagement Ring

Possessing a royal aura, this 14k white gold ring is brightened with the sparkle of round and baguette diamonds. The diverging slim shank and the diamond-embellished curvature balance the design gracefully. Isn’t it synonymous with two individuals complementing each other through their traits of dependability and captive rapture?

An extremely relevant and trending style in today’s times, who’s ready to luxuriously flaunt their new innings in a glittering manner? After all, strong women need their big diamonds, don’t they?

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