The Pros and Cons of Double Halo Engagement Rings

With the rising popularity of halo engagement rings in recent years, we’ve also seen an uptick in couples seeking out the less common double halo engagement ring. As you probably know, the defining feature of a halo ring is a collection of smaller accent diamonds that circle around the center stone to boost its radiance. Double halo rings take this idea up another notch by adding a second group of accent stones to the mix. To differentiate between the two, we call the first one the inner halo and the second one the outer halo. The result of these double halos is an engagement ring that’s bold, dramatic, and impossible to ignore.

Before you settle on an engagement ring setting, it’s important to consider both the benefits and potential drawbacks. Here’s what you should know about the double halo:


Brilliance – This is the raison d’etre of the double halo. The light from each halo’s accent stones reflects back on the center stone to intensify its sparkle!

Size – Besides adding sparkle, double halos create the illusion of a much larger center stone. This has a flattering effect on the hand, particularly on wider fingers.

Bang For Your Buck – Collections of smaller diamonds are significantly less expensive than one diamond of the same carat weight, so double halos help you maximize the sparkle you get for your budget.

Defense – Each halo offers a layer of protection and security to the precious center stone.


Cost – Although double halo rings are certainly less expensive than a center stone of the same carat weight, they are also typically more expensive than a single halo ring or a more simple setting like a solitaire.

Maintenance – Double halo rings are set with a multitude of small stones, which can make them more work to clean and which are at risk of becoming loose. Regular cleanings and maintenance will help protect these settings.

Popularity – With their recent rise,  double halos are considered by some to be a “trendy” style and may not be seen as classic or timeless compared to other settings.

Keeping these factors in mind, double halo engagement rings are the right choice for many couples. Commemorate your engagement with one of these stunning settings:

Layered loops of brilliant pavé diamonds offer unforgettable sparkle to intensify this glamorous oval cut engagement ring.

For a statement piece everyone will talk about, the glimmer on this double halo ring is too divine for words. The center stone is round while the halos feature a cushion cut silhouette.

Not one but two exquisite layers of round and baguette diamonds encircle a romantic cushion cut center stone in this dazzling double halo ring.

When it comes to engagement rings, we don’t believe you can ever really have too much sparkle. Shop double halo designs that capture the beauty of the moment.

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