Halo Engagement Rings: A Brief History

If you look at many of the most popular styles in modern day, they are influenced by jewelry’s past. Such is the case with the highly coveted halo engagement ring, proving the old adage that ‘whatever old is new again.’

Halo rings were first called cluster rings and date back to the Georgian Era (1714-1837). They didn’t go out of style but instead transitioned into the Victorian era in an evolution and profusion of new styling. Georgian cluster rings often surrounded either a flat cut gemstone such as a garnet with seed pearls or small rose cut or mine cut diamonds around a chunkier cushion cut diamond. These cluster rings were foiled in and closed in back to camouflage the impurities and enhance the color of the gemstones and diamonds that were imperfect and cut by hand. They were elegantly rough-hewn in their styling and those that survived are imbued with their own unique personalities.

During the Victorian era, the Industrial Revolution and new cutting techniques produced more sophisticated versions of these ring. You could  find gutsy styles featuring a larger cushion cut center stone surrounded by a row of bezel set old mine cut diamonds. Many of the styles with rounder old mine cut diamonds or colored gemstones (rubies and sapphires) had surrounds that were designed to look like flowers.

The first versions of the halo as we know it today were designed during the Art Deco Movement (from 1920-1935) when technological innovation led to advanced cutting techniques. These were more focused on symmetry and beautiful streamlined geometry of a square cut diamond set off by a square halo setting or an oval halo following the lines of the oval diamonds.

Fast forward to modern day and Gabriel and Co. has taken the lead in creating a myriad of halo designs. From classic to dramatic, subdued to statement making and ultra-modern to vintage.

Halo styles are  popular with men ready to pop the question and searching for an engagement ring on their own as well as  women who are involved in the selection. They gravitate to the variety of styles of halo engagement rings for the simple reason you can have a larger look with a smaller center stone.

Other key reasons to consider a halo ring:

  • Added sparkle.
  • Different styling techniques.
  • Old world charm with a modern twist.

Here is a sampling of some of Gabriel & Co’s best halo styles:

This 18K White Gold Octagonal Halo Round Diamond Engagement Ring offers an edgy modern take with its geometric shape.

Combining a 14K White Gold Cushion Halo with a Round Diamond in an engagement ring lends itself to the appearance of an even larger look than a traditional halo.

This 14K White Gold Vintage Inspired Diamond Halo Engagement Ring is inspired by the feminine detailing of an Edwardian/Belle Epoque style.

14K White Gold Hexagonal Halo Round Diamond Engagement Ring features alternating round and baguette diamonds for a streamlined yet artfully detailed update on Art Deco period styling.

This 14K White Gold Floral Halo Round Diamond Engagement Ring features exaggerated petals for a contemporary take on the diamond floral cluster rings of the Victorian era.

This White Gold Princess Halo Diamond Engagement Ring features simplicity at its most timeless and elegant. This is the type of ring you will feel comfortable wearing every day. It has just enough sparkle yet allows you to shine.

Double Halos are wonderful for creating a larger look for smaller stones as in this 14K White Gold Princess Double Halo Complete Diamond Engagement Ring.

The romance of the past is captured in the inspiration for this contemporary take on all aspects of this Cushion Three Stone Halo Diamond Engagement Ring.

A classic is always in style and this 14K White Gold Round Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is no exception. It is the perfect ring for a wide demographic of women.

Modern meets antique in this Vintage Inspired 14K White Gold Emerald Halo Diamond Engagement Ring. It has a distinctive look and is complemented by side diamond channels.

Shop all of Gabriel & Co.’s selection of halo and double-halo engagement rings.

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