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Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

When you trip over love, you get up easily,” but tripping over the wrong engagement ring could be the scariest. According to Chillisauce’s proposal survey, the engagement ring plays a significant role in the entire proposal context. Although down on one knee is said to be one of the most romantic ways to confess love, the whole excitement might ruin if you propose with the wrong ring.

Selecting the right engagement ring setting is the first step toward making your proposal day big and memorable. We agree the pressure is immense, but there is nothing wrong with feeling intimidated by the abundance of options. We got your back! We bring to your attention an intricately designed engagement ring setting that speaks of superior craftsmanship and shall be a testimony of your unique tastes – the hidden halo ring setting. 

What Is So Special About the Hidden Halo Setting?

Halo engagement rings are made of pavé diamonds or semi-precious gemstones surrounding the central stone. A twist to this setting is the more modern hidden halo setting that features pavé diamonds circling the base of the center stone. The accent diamonds in the setting would remain hidden or semi-visible when seen from above. The entire purpose of the hidden halo setting is to offer a sparkling factor to the whole ring when seen from the top profile.

The setting does not make your ring appear larger; rather, it enhances its overall glitz factor. So, if your partner has a fetish for all things glitzy and gleaming, a hidden halo engagement ring could be for you. We have scouted through our collection and picked some of the most breathtaking pieces, easing out the entire effort for you:

Hidden Halo Engagement Rings at Gabriel & Co.

1. This 14k white gold hidden halo engagement ring has a timeless silhouette and a lingering sophistication. Our sculptural take on the classic solitaire style has a softer appeal here. The ring’s polished shank with encrusted diamonds complements the peek-a-boo diamonds in the hidden halos. The whole purpose of this ring is to provide an upthrust to the 1ct oval cut center diamond and get sparkling effects from unexpected angles. Stack this ring with a diamond and sapphire eternity band for a striking contrast.  

2. Just as “hundreds of tiny threads, sown with love and emotion, hold a relationship,” an intricate diamond encrusted halo can hold a center diamond most magnificently. This 14k white gold hidden halo round diamond engagement with a contemporary look displays the exact thing. It’s ideal for ladies who want their jewelry to twinkle from all angles. Did you know that hidden halos can make the center stone appear up to 15% larger? So, allow the 2ct center diamond to take center stage with this ring’s hidden halo setup, and do not forget to stack it with a round station ring. 

3. This 14k hidden halo white gold round diamond ring is a contemporary take on the classic round cut diamond engagement rings. This style will appeal to women with a taste for elegance. The beautiful prong-set center stone is supported and illuminated by iridescent hidden pavé diamond halos, set on a diamond-encrusted shank. Pair this ring with a white gold French pavé diamond ring enhancer for a stunning look.

4. The halo setting is intended to add a bling touch to the otherwise traditional-looking rings. But if you’re not a fan of enhanced brilliance, consider Ada, our 14k hidden halo white gold engagement ring with a 1ct center diamond. The overall aim of this design is to keep the allure of classic round cut diamond rings while adding extra luster without going overboard. We are sure that this ring will shine with splendor when worn on your special day!

5. Let your personality shine with this mixed metal hidden-halo engagement ring featuring a 1ct diamond center stone. The style reminiscences the charm of the Victorian era and is ideal for those who prefer a delicate contrasting tone. Furthermore, the accent diamond-encrusted shank with a twisted texture gives the whole design a super fresh look. Wear it with a diamond-studded rose gold ring jacket for a one-of-a-kind look.

6. If your lady love prefers a more traditional look, consider this elegant 14k hidden halo round diamond engagement ring. This dainty and one-of-a-kind engagement ring has a traditional four-prong setting with a hidden halo that graces the center stone from below. This ring setting encapsulates a vintage appeal and can be described as simple, gorgeous, and timeless. Combine this unique piece with a wedding band encrusted with diamonds to match the small diamonds in the hidden halos.

7. Thanks to the hidden halo and decorated shank, this oval white gold engagement ring has a chic touch. Set in 14K white gold, the design reminds us why oval-cut engagement rings are popular. The intricately set pavé diamonds on a cathedral shank ensure no lack of sparkle, and you could pair it with an infinity white gold wedding band to get an exclusive look. This ring could be an excellent alternative for those who do not want to wear the traditional round-cut diamond ring.

8. Does she like both minimalism and edge? We are here to get you covered on that one. The 0.13 ct pavé diamond halo that adorns the base of this timeless oval-cut diamond adds an elegant touch to the ring’s overall design. Furthermore, the hidden halo accent adds extra sparkle without overpowering the center stone. There’s also enough room for a wedding band to augment the engagement ring’s slender shank.


The hidden halo setting has a surprise factor to it. Despite being hidden from direct view, it exudes luxe. To someone who likes opulence but not in extremes, or maybe prefers moderated glitz and glamor over ostentation – a hidden halo setting must definitely appeal to her. A hidden halo engagement ring is a great option if your lady love prefers a spark of added glamor at right angles while keeping the center stone as the showstopper. Click here to discover the exquisite collection at Gabriel & Co. 


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