America’s Sweetheart – The Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

When choosing your engagement ring, several factors work together- from the ring metal to the overall ring design and aesthetic. But the most crucial is the center stone, as that is the most prominent feature of any engagement ring. If you are not too keen on experimentation, a round or oval cut is a safe choice for the center stone cut. But for those looking for something unique and distinct, Princess Cut diamond leads the league as the most fantastic, exciting alternative.

Though it is not the most commonly preferred diamond cut (round cut reserves that spot), it has its niche admirers. Factors that make Princess-cut diamond America’s sweetheart are its clean edges and precision. In addition, it is contemporary in its appeal, a deviation from the more traditional engagement ring styles, and bears a comparatively lower price tag than round diamonds. Interestingly, princess-cut diamonds cost almost 20 to 40 percent less than round diamonds, even though they retain more carat of the rough diamonds during the cutting process.  

The Brief History of Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The modern princess cut, known for its sharpness and brilliance, was first curated by Betazel Ambar, Ygal Perlman, and Israel Itzkowitz in 1980. But we can trace back the term to the 1960s, referring to the profile cut, a cut created by Arpad Nagy. A princess-cut diamond is a square or rectangular-shaped diamond with sharp corners and multiple facets. They look like a pyramid when flipped. This look debuted in the 1980s and dominated the scene through the 1990s and 2000s.

Over the last few years, princess-cut has captivated the attention of jewelry lovers by offering a chic alternative to the conventional ring setting. It exactly serves the needs of those who miss sharpness, brilliance, and some sophisticated drama in a round-cut diamond setting. Just as the name suggests, a princess-cut diamond exudes the right amount of glamor and charisma.

Is Princess Cut Diamond a Good Fit for the Engagement Ring?

Modern Day women who appreciate straightforwardness and a direct approach in life are undoubtedly fascinated by the clean cuts of a princess-cut diamond. They possess a clarity of thought and purpose in their goals and extend the same taste to their jewelry purchases. Strong, bold, and sharp are the watchwords.

Here are some convincing facts that suggest that princess-cut engagement rings are indeed a fantastic choice.

Princess-Cut vs. Round Cut Diamond: Which One Looks Bigger?

The most frequent diamond shapes that come to mind when considering engagement rings are round and princess. However, these two styles not only differ in terms of cut, clarity, and price but also in size.

In mathematical terms, a round cut diamond has a larger surface area than a princess cut. The language of optical illusion, however, is distinct. Our naked eyes perceive princess-cut diamonds as having larger tables (the diamond top) than round-cut diamonds.

You should also be aware that, despite the size difference, princess-cut diamonds are less expensive than round-cut diamonds so you can purchase a larger diamond at a more reasonable price. The rough diamond crystal for a princess cut is much cheaper than the round cut, and the cost of cutting is also substantially lower.

Therefore, it won’t be wrong to state that the princess cut would dazzle those who have a penchant for larger diamonds. There is almost a 25 percent cost difference between the two cuts

Go Bold: Tips to Choose a Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Are you looking for an engagement ring for the proposal? Every buyer aims to purchase a diamond ring with an eye-clean diamond-bearing perfect 4C’s at the best price. While princess-cut diamond rings are undoubtedly alluring with their shining demeanor, consider the below guidelines to ensure you select the finest one.

Note: The term “eye-clean” denotes the possibility of visible inclusions in the diamond under a microscope that may not be noticeable to the naked eye. Ask your jeweler about the exact clarity attributes of the diamond you choose.

The 4 C's of Princess Cut Diamonds

When selecting a diamond, it is sacrosanct to consider the 4c’s- cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Every diamond has a different combination of these that a naked eye may only understand to a limited extent. It is best to check the details with your jeweler or retail partner.

1. CUT:

Let’s deal with the trickiest part first.

In contrast to round diamonds, princess-cut diamonds cannot entirely be cut according to GIA standards. Instead, GIA only discusses the princess cut’s gloss and symmetry. In addition, there is no industry-wide unanimity on the criteria that define the ideal Princess Cut.

Is there a way out then? We’d say there is. Princess-cut diamonds require you to read between the lines. You should check the diamond’s table surface proportion, depth, and symmetry. This detailed list below will help you get a perspective.


Princess-cut diamonds can effectively conceal imperfections, just like round-cut diamonds do. Therefore, you can choose a diamond with clarity as low as S12 or even S11.

You must keep in mind, though, that the princess cut’s sharp corners make it more likely to chip. Additionally, the probability of the diamond chipping would increase significantly if the cut is flawed at the corners.


Compared to the round cut, princess cut diamonds display better color. However, the color gradation changes depending on the diamond’s metal. For instance, the color gradation should be more pronounced for white and platinum, but a J would also be acceptable for rose gold. However, always look for at least an H, or I color diamond for the best value.


The last of the 4C’s is the diamond carat. It represents the diamond weight, and 1 carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams. Remember higher the carat weight is, the larger the diamond.

That being said, your budget and preferences should determine what carat diamond you choose. But we advise you not to spend your entire budget solely on the carat. Instead, spend on choosing a diamond with a balanced cut, clarity, color, and carat. For the diamond cut, go for the one that speaks to your heart.

Where to Find the Best Princess-Cut Engagement Rings?

Before purchasing jewelry, one must be thorough with their subject research and preference. If one is unfamiliar with the world of diamonds, the search process might occasionally feel anxious. However, Gabriel & Co. is always there to assist you. Princess-cut engagement rings from our large selection encompass both traditional and modern tastes. Here is our take on some of the best-selling engagement rings that are enthralling for a woman.

#Style1: ER12903S6W83JJ 

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The stone’s sharp angles and clean lines bring contemporary elegance to these engagement ring styles. Whether set in a similarly modern and geometric ring or contrasted with a curving, vintage style setting, princess cut diamonds are glamorous and memorable.

#Style2: ER12821S4T44SA

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Princess cut stones work well with a wide variety of settings. Be it a halo, a three-stone, or a split shank design. They complement and accentuate the overall beauty of the ring, even when paired with other gemstones, like an emerald, sapphire, or ruby. 

#Style3: ER12627S3W44JJ

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The bride who picks a princess-cut engagement ring is always ahead of the curve on the latest trends. Our princess-cut engagement rings are ideal for knowledgeable, sophisticated, and effortlessly stylish women. In Gabriel & Co.’s vast selection, you’ll find the perfect engagement ring for every woman, every lifestyle, and to define every love story.


We understand that narrowing to the most stunning and worthy engagement ring, which she would adore, is daunting. But don’t let the pressure take on you. Princess-cut diamond rings undoubtedly boast the freshness of a geometric shape and unparalleled brilliance to rival a traditional round-cut stone. If you have decided on a princess-cut diamond, discover some of the classiest rings in the Gabriel & Co. collection. You will find the ring of your dreams.

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