Which Gemstones Go Best with Rose Gold Jewelry?

Gemstones in Rose Gold Jewelry

There’s nothing quite like the blush-tinted shade of rose gold. The metal was first made popular a hundred years ago when more and more people started adding copper as an alloy to gold. As a result, to date, the metal sparks a vintage vibe. If you love classic, elegant jewelry, there’s nothing quite like rose gold. Rose gold also looks fabulous with colored gemstones. Just look at Blake Lively’s engagement ring! Her rose gold band has a pink diamond center stone instead of a white one. Overall, the colors radiate femininity and romance. Do you feel fascinated with colored gemstones in rose gold jewelry? Then, we’ve got you covered.

Can I Replace Diamonds with a Colored Gemstone in a Rose Gold Engagement Ring?

Rose gold can be trickier to combine with colored stones. Since the metal has its beautiful pinkish-reddish hue, the go-to stone with it for engagement rings is often diamonds – clear, white, and brilliant. Colored center stones in an engagement ring are traditionally the domain of yellow or white gold metals simply because these are more neutral. It’s easy to match them without much thought. That being said, you can have a vibrant and stunning engagement ring set in rose gold if you know how to pair it with the right gemstone.

Check out this stunning round cut morganite center stone, which allows the entire ring to radiate a beautiful peachy hue. Vintage-inspired, the ring “Mabel” has the centerstone is held in place by a four-prong setting. This gemstone belongs to the beryl family, which also has emeralds and aquamarines in its fold. The pale, salmon hue comes from manganese traces. It is a great alternative to a diamond, because of its durability – about 7.5 – 8 on the Mohs scale.

Gemstones in Rose Gold Jewelry


Or you can have your cake and eat it too, with this gorgeous “Carrie” ring. It has a diamond center stone, which most of us love. But the attention is on the deep blue pear cut sapphires on either side. The three distinct shades – of the rose gold, sapphire and sparking white diamond – make for a truly striking engagement ring! Again, sapphires are tough gemstones, making them an ideal choice in an engagement ring.

Which Colors Look Best with Rose Gold?

Rose gold creates more harmony than you think! Bright red stones like rubies or deeper garnets work perfectly with rose gold. The subtle hue of the metal tempers the richness of the stone. Garnets and rubies tend to bring out the peachy-orangish tone of red gold, bathing your jewelry in a warm, fiery hue.

Sparkle away with these 14k rose gold earrings that feature deep red gemstones and a halo of diamonds. The simple round cut garnets add extra luster to the studs. The pair works well with a gorgeous gown or evening cocktail dress. Wear your hair up, to show off and accentuate the play on bright and soft.

Another great combination is rose gold and amethyst, if you’re looking for bright gemstones at the cooler end of the spectrum. While garnets tend to bring out the fiery tone of red gold, amethysts bring out the softer pink tones. This feminine combination has a spunky fairy tale charm to it.

Purple, the hue of royalty, features prominently in this amethyst promise ring. Set in 14k rose gold, it also features a delicate halo of diamonds. We love the vintage appeal of this timeless ring. Amethyst was, after all, a much-sought after stone a few centuries ago and features prominently in antique jewelry.

If you want to avoid the pop of color altogether, pair your rose gold jewelry with lighter gemstones. These are not as dramatic but still, look dazzling. Stones from the pale pink family are ideal and extremely popular – for a good reason. Other than morganite, look for rose gold jewelry with pink tourmalines, pink sapphires, or pink diamonds. If you like a muted, opaque texture, rose quartz is also an excellent choice. 

This is another attractive neckpiece in 14k rose gold, with an oval morganite pendant. Some sparkle is added to the all-pink hue with the presence of diamond accents. Team it with a casual day dress to go out for brunch with friends, or with a smart suit for a special day at the office.

Do Cool Gemstones with Contrasting Blue Hues Go with Rose Gold Jewelry?

Of course, they do, but with some rules. Cool gemstones like blue topaz look stunning against the contrast of warm red gold. Blue aquamarine is also popular because it has a pale, ethereal glow to it. However, it is best to avoid aquamarines that veer towards sea green; instead, stick to blueish-white hues. Choose a round or oval cut aquamarine for maximum sparkle that contrasts the rose gold. Blue sapphires also complement rose gold very well, as long as they’re not too large or chunky. Choose more petite sapphires and try to offset them with enough neutral shades, so they don’t clash with the rose gold.

This gorgeous oval-cut aquamarine is the ideal accessory to a 14k rose gold chain. It comes with a diamond halo for that added glitter. The necklace is almost reminiscent of the pale blue sky, from which a burst of red twilight hues and stars are beginning to emerge…


Two dainty sapphires encrust the ends of this bracelet. Crafted in 14k rose gold, they provide just the right amount of rich color to the beaded split cuff bracelet. Encased with tiny sparkling diamonds, it is a reminder that less is more! 

Can I Consider Neutrals Over Color While Choosing Gemstones for Rose Gold Jewelry?

Definitely! Gemstones look impactful both in neutral and colorful palettes. Rose gold jewelry looks stunning with white, black, and grey stones. Of course, diamonds are a popular choice, but you can also look beyond that. Opals are very popular to use with rose gold. Soft, sheeny pearls, when combined with this pink metal, are the ultimate vintage style statement. Pearls have the same old-fashioned luster as rose gold, which is quite different from the contemporary sparkle of other gemstones. Black diamonds look beautiful against the softness of rose gold as well. Not only do they go with most outfits, but they also add an edgy and avant-garde look to rose gold.

If white is not your color of choice, and you favor black instead, pick up this pair of 14k rose gold earrings. The classic beaded hoops come studded with black diamonds. If you’re looking to head to a nightclub or a party with friends, make this pair your go-to jewelry staple. After all, you can’t go wrong with black and rose!

Which Gemstones Should I Avoid Pairing with Rose Gold?

As we said, some gemstones are tricky to pair with rose gold. Avoid yellow topaz, citrine, or anything with a yellowish hue. Another color to avoid with rose gold is green. Emeralds and peridots are not your best choices. Here’s another reminder – deep blue stones like sapphires need to be used sparingly with rose gold and offset with more neutral stones like diamonds or zircons.

Whatever your choice of gemstone, Gabriel & Co. has some stunning rose gold pieces to suit every occasion and mood. Visit and shop the collection to add some color to your day!

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