5 Most Stunning Ruby Earring Designs-the July Birthstone

Ruby Earrings

Are you looking to surprise your loved one (family, friend, or partner) with a special gift? Birthstone jewelry combines style with an element of personalization, marking the occasion with a thoughtful gift. Ruby, popularly known as the ‘King of Gems,’ is the highly coveted July birthstone that captivates everyone with its deep, red tone. It symbolizes fierce passion and love!

Let’s start with knowing the gemstone a little better. It gets the characteristic color from chromium, which is present in the mineral corundum. As they rank second in hardness to diamonds, rubies are very durable and rare. From HRH (her royal highness) Queen Elizabeth to the fashion icon Bella Hadid, many celebrities have given their stylish nod to rubies. Ruby earrings, in particular, look mesmerizing with their innate grace and timeless appeal. Let us understand what makes ruby earrings so noteworthy.

Why Do People Love Ruby Earrings?

Glamorous and mesmerizing, rubies are simply extraordinary. They lend an air of individuality while showing one’s vibrant personality through the enchanting red hues. Ruby earrings have the power to draw attention with their luxurious demeanor.

Originating from the Latin word, ‘Rubeus,’ the first ruby was discovered in Asia about 2000 years ago. A popular choice of gemstone for modern women, let’s explore what makes them so unique and sought after.

Ruby earrings are unique. The July birthstone has many meanings attached to it. Symbolizing happiness, integrity, and courage, rubies are a protective birthstone believed to ward off evil. Moreover, the blood-red tone represents true love and an undying passion. Known to pump up your heart rate, ruby stone carries revitalizing oxygen to all body parts, evoking renewed zest to live life. It also helps to increase feelings of motivation and productivity. Lastly, this powerful gemstone aligns your mind and body, restoring a sense of inner peace and spiritual wellness.

Ruby earrings are highly flattering. As they complement different facial structures and skin tones effortlessly, rubies are magnificent and universal. 

These luxurious classics make for the perfect gifts to shower your significant others with on an important milestone. From birthdays, graduations, and weddings, to anniversaries, a unique pair of ruby earrings express how much they mean to you. With high sentimental value, these timeless staples are precious heirlooms to pass on to future generations.  

The regal and statement-making appeal of ruby earrings elevates your outfit while accentuating your inherent beauty. The stone is strong and durable, resistant to any damage with regular usage, making it an apt choice to make an everlasting investment. Lastly, wearing them daily raises your style quotient effortlessly.

Are you tempted to buy a pair of beautiful ruby earrings? Check out some of our best-selling picks below.

5 Bestselling Designs of Ruby Earrings

Elizabeth Taylor once said, Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” While they radiate exuberance and refined class, ruby earrings pay homage to a modern woman who is charismatic, passionate, ambitious, and the life of every party. 

Celebrate your femininity and the strength of your womanhood with a pair of ruby earrings. 

These 14K White Gold Round Ruby and Diamond Halo Stud Earrings scream a heartfelt love affair. Whether you gift this enthralling pair to yourself or receive it from your soulmate, it represents unconditional love like no other. Replete with diamonds, this floral design represents an evolved relationship. Wear it to your best friend’s cocktail party or a casual dinner date, and these earrings look mesmerizing.

These 14K Diamond and Ruby Hoops portray a sense of confidence, wholeness, and fulfillment in life. With the stones perfectly balancing out each other, style them with a chic halter gown, adding a tennis bracelet and a shimmering ring to go with it. Put on a pair of high heels and rock that formal soiree like a style virtuoso.  

Are you looking to gift your daughter or sister a jewelry piece to commemorate an important milestone? Dainty and delicate in their demeanor, these 14K White Gold Ruby Stud Earrings enveloped in shimmering diamonds are ideal to surprise her with excitement. Strengthen your bond this season, and let her feel gorgeous with these earrings.

A scintillating pair to pamper your better half with, these Victorian-inspired 14K White Gold Rhombus Shape Diamond and Ruby Stud Earrings exude an aura of passionate romance. These earrings express profound love and add to the essence of life’s milestones. Gift these to her on her birthday, anniversary, or maybe, on embracing motherhood.

Meant for a courageous woman, these 14K White Gold 15mm Oval Ruby and Diamond Huggies are stylish and edgy. From a one-shouldered gown to a bolder, plunging neckline, one can style these earrings with various attires. Look elegant and experimental with your hair in a sleek updo and bold makeup. Get creative and use your fashion sensibilities to the full to create impressive looks.  

What are Some Tips to Keep in Mind While Buying Ruby Earrings?

As with all jewelry, ensure that you buy only real and high-quality ruby earrings. With their color being the identifying factor, the most desirable rubies are clear red with a tinge of purplish tone. Beware of inclusions as that makes the gemstone dull and opaque. Superior quality rubies showcase a radiant glow or light from within. Lastly, opt for neutral metals like white gold and platinum that subdue the purple tones and bring out their brightness. Yellow gold, for its warm hue, is not the most suited metal for rubies.

How Can You Tell If a Pair of Ruby Earrings is Real?

Several factors help identify the authenticity of your ruby earrings. Firstly, there are three types of ruby stones.

Natural rubies are genuine stones that take millions of years to form. Synthetic rubies share the same physical and chemical structure as natural rubies but are created in laboratories. Finally, ruby imitators possess different physical and chemical structures and are the most affordable options.

Replete with a rich scarlet shade, natural ruby earrings exude maximized brilliance. Moreover, check for their color, radiance, and glow. Using a microscope, you can check for flaws that are present originally. Also, visit a trusted jeweler who can conduct either the scratch test, the rub test, or the glass-to-glass comparison test. Lastly, since natural rubies are rare, they are more expensive than the synthetic rubies.

How Much Does a Pair of Ruby Earrings Cost?

Rubies are an expensive gemstone compared to other precious stones, but that is subject to their ranking on 4C’s. For rubies, the intensity of the color is a prime cost consideration. The deeper red rubies are extremely rare to find and cost exorbitantly. Also, bigger rubies with a high carat weight cause significantly. For ruby earrings, small and mid-size ruby stones are generally used with mediocre color and clarity. Cut usually does not impact the prices much, in the case of colored stones. More than the ruby cost, factors like the metal, setting, design aesthetic, and inclusion of precious diamonds in the earring. At Gabriel & Co., the price varies from $200 to $2,200 and upwards.

How to Clean Your Ruby Earrings?

Ruby earrings boast a long lustrous life that requires occasional cleaning and maintenance. Perfect for daily wear, gently clean your gems with warm water and mild soap to avoid any mountings. Moreover, since rubies get their rich color from being heat-treated, take them to your jeweler for a repolish in some time. Lastly, steam cleaners also help in cleaning ruby earrings.

A time-honored jewel, these rosy-red ruby earrings make heads turn with their beauty. Head to Gabriel & Co.’s website and choose your favorite pair of ruby earrings from innumerable options. To get better acquainted with this gorgeous July birthstone, read our story –  History and Meaning Behind the July Birthstone – Ruby“.  

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