Things to Know Before Buying a Solitaire Diamond

A solitaire diamond exudes timeless beauty and grace through its sparkling appearance. Adding a piece of solitaire jewelry to your collection makes an everlasting statement. While the enigmatic solitaire engagement rings draw the most fascination, earrings, tennis bracelets, and necklaces filled with a string of solitaires strike a chord with most buyers. They even double up as perfect gifts to shower on your loved ones. Moreover, a solitaire diamond embodies a woman who is effortlessly elegant, charming, and resilient.

Undoubtedly, solitaires have emerged as the shimmering representation of heads-over-heels romance through the ages. From yesteryear stalwart Audrey Hepburn to today’s style icon Kourtney Kardashian, they all love wearing and flaunting their solitaires with utmost flair. Elizabeth Taylor’s love for glitz and glam was so evident that she is, to date, referred to as the Queen of Diamonds.

Is a Solitaire Different from a Diamond?

Originating from the Latin word “solus,” a solitaire diamond refers to a single diamond set in a jewelry design. While solitaire refers to a bigger size of diamond and a setting design, a diamond is a gemstone type. Even small pieces of the gemstone, a few inches wide, are still called a diamond. Often used in similar contexts, solitaires and diamonds have a distinct identity. Simply put, every solitaire is a diamond, but not all diamonds are solitaires.

A diamond is a precious stone, naturally formed by carbon under heat and pressure that must be cut and polished. While a solitaire’s shape is naturally defined, other diamonds are shaped and clustered innovatively to create stunning jewelry designs. Another defining difference pertains to their size. For a stone to be called a solitaire, it must be more than 0.30 carats. Anything lesser than that is a diamond.

Lastly, the Victorian-aged jewelry setting is more exclusive than a diamond which best exemplifies the notion of less being more. Due to this characteristic, solitaires tend to be costlier. A much-loved diamond, read on to know why solitaire rings make a dazzling engagement ring choice for your lady love.

What Makes Solitaire Diamond a Good Investment?

You may have often heard the saying, ‘Think Engagement, Think Solitaire.’ Over the centuries, solitaire engagement rings have come to be associated with love-glazed milestones such as engagements or anniversaries.

Representing refined taste and interests, if your soulmate is a classic romantic, solitaire jewelry is excellent for her. Like her enchanting presence, solitaire diamonds draw everybody’s attention due to their stand-alone, evergreen spirit. With the focus on the center stone, solitaire diamonds are perfect for couples who prefer minimalistic yet classy ring designs. Solitaires look good on both slender and thicker fingers. Furthermore, solitaire diamonds are very versatile. Matching with most outfits and accessories, you can easily rock a casual or formal look with equal panache. They promise minimum damage since their simplistic silhouette does not have scope for intricate handiwork. Whether you opt for a solitaire neckpiece, bracelet, or a pair of glittering earrings, they look ravishing., nevertheless.

For an expensive, lifelong investment, solitaire diamonds are life saviors for men who wish to surprise their better halves with a special surprise. You can wear your solitaire pieces daily.

Synonymous with sophistication and luxury, solitaire diamonds need no second thoughts to purchase. But there are few crucial aspects to consider. Let us take you through them.

What are the 4C’s of a Solitaire Diamond?

While selecting a solitaire, one must consider the primary factor- the overall quality. And what defines quality are the 4 C’s, namely, the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. They are the holy grails of any diamond, but more in the case of solitaires, owing to the latter’s size and the price tag! Let us understand them better.

1. Cut: A significant factor, the cut indicates the reflective quality and brilliance of the solitaire. The solitaire is cut in many shapes like the classic round cut, oval, cushion, marquise, and princess. A sharper cut makes the solitaire look brighter. Moreover, certain shapes like the round cut exude more sparkle and fire.

This 14K White Gold Round Solitaire Engagement Ring shimmers intensely as its well-defined shape allows light to reflect through it. Placed against a contrasting plain band, this classic ring spreads hope and joy like its name.

Solitaire Stud Earrings

These beaded round diamond stud earrings scream royalty. The contrasting 14k yellow gold milgrained background accentuates the glimmering white round solitaire. A showstopping accessory, get ready to bring out your glamorous best as you flaunt it at a formal soiree.

2. Color: While colorless solitaires are the most desired and expensive due to their rarity and high quality, shades like light yellow and brown also have their niche buyers. If you are looking for a bigger carat size, then the D-F color solitaire may cost exorbitantly. G-J is nearly a colorless grade that is slightly paler than stark white.  

Emanating an angelic poise, this engagement ring set in 14k white gold gives out a fierce sparkle due to its near-colorless demeanor. The 1ct center stone radiates a soothing vibe.

This 14K White Gold Round Bezel Set Diamond Pendant Necklace is every minimalist lover’s dream. The twinkling richness of the white center stone lends a luxurious and classy feel to the design. As a solitaire represents true love and oneness with your soulmate, isn’t this the perfect piece to don on your wedding day?

3. Clarity: Most solitaire diamonds have some natural flaws that influence clarity. The internal imperfections are inclusions, while the external ones are blemishes. Again, a solitaire with Flawless or IF clarity is high-priced. VVS1 and VVS2 clarity have almost non-existent inclusions and are at the higher end of the pricing. VS1 and VS2 are slightly included, which are not visible to the naked eye. Again, if the solitaire size is your priority, look for a slightly included clarity to balance out the costs. 

This 14K Rose Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring flaunts a crystal-clear appearance. Its imperfections, if any are not obvious, bring about a sense of balance and sincerity in design.

Adding a dazzling layer to your lady love’s beautiful hands, this sleek 14K White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet illuminates brightly. Redefining elegance, this spotlight stealer boasts of spellbinding artistry, which makes it a masterpiece.

4. Carat Weight: This refers to the solitaire’s weight measured in metric carats. A carat is equivalent to 1/5 gram. While buying a solitaire ring or solitaire stud earrings, look for an overall higher individual carat weight. However, in the case of diamond tennis bracelets and necklaces, smaller solitaires contribute to the overall higher carat weight. This attribute has the most impact on a solitaire diamond’s cost. Higher the carat weight, the higher the price.

With a total diamond weight of 0.07 cts, this 14K White-Yellow Gold Hidden Halo Oval Diamond Engagement Ring showcases a best-selling option, thanks to its elevated quality.

Is a Solitaire Diamond a Real Diamond?

A solitaire diamond is a single diamond set in a jewelry design. Yes, it is real, thanks to its impeccable magnificence maintained by the 4cs. Solitaire diamonds are naturally sourced, highly attractive, and sought after for their luxurious appeal.

How Can You Gauge the Authenticity of a Solitaire?

Due to its vast demand and imitable quality, many jewelers indulge in making copy versions. To know whether a solitaire is real, you can conduct a few tests, which are:

– The Fog Test: Easily done on a loose or mounted diamond, place the solitaire within 1 cm of your mouth and fog it. It is most likely a fake if it remains fogged for over a second.

– Check Refractivity: Place the solitaire on a newspaper and look carefully to see whether you can read the letters through the stone. If you can read it, even faintly, your diamond is unauthentic.

– The Water Test: Drop the gems into a glass of water, and check if the stone sinks to the bottom. If this happens, your diamond is real as it has a high density.

– Visit a trusted Jeweler: With their expertise and experience, you can rest assured about your solitaire’s quality.

Why is a Solitaire more Expensive than Other Diamonds?

When comparing two gemstones with similar 4C’s, solitaires possess heavier individual carat weight in totality than smaller diamonds. With a minimum weightage of 0.30 carat, these luxuriant diamonds are credibly more expensive.

What is the price of a 1-carat Solitaire Diamond?

Most brides-to-be prefer at least a 1-carat top-quality stone while choosing their solitaire diamond ring or other pieces of jewels encrusted in this traditional setting. Keeping in mind the 4C’s and the diamond shape, a solitaire diamond setting costs anywhere between $1500-$20,000. Consequently, the price of an evergreen, 1-carat solitaire engagement ring, the average engagement ring size in the United States, ranges between $1,800-$12,000.

Coco Chanel once said, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” And the solitaire diamond embodies that brilliantly! Enthralling you with stunning options, check out the wide collection of solitaire diamond jewelry at Gabriel and Co.  

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