The Life of the Charm Bracelet

The gentle jingling of a Charm Bracelet on the wrist of a woman is a reminder of the personalized charms, talisman, or trinkets that have a special meaning to the wearer. Charm bracelets evolved from an ancient tradition of wearing special tokens as jewelry to ward off evil and bring good fortune.  The ancient charms were created with shells, bones, gems, rocks, and pieces of wood, and clay.  As elaborate jewelry made from precious stones and metals emerged during the age of the Egyptian Pharaohs, the first actual charm bracelets appeared. 

Individual charm bracelets can be stacked together (as above), or you can have many charms on one bracelet. The choice is yours.

Like many ancient cultures, the life expectancy of ancient Egyptians was quite short compared to today. With so little time here on earth, the Egyptians made sure to prepare for a wealthy life after death. The charm bracelet played a significant role in the preparations for the afterlife. It was a protective shield against evil, a sign of the deceased’s status in life, and an ID tag to help the Gods guild the wearer and their possessions to the appropriate status level in the afterlife.

Queen Victoria who reigned from 1837 to 1901 loved jewelry and she made the charm bracelet a fashionable accessory among the European noble classes. She has even been credited for starting the mourning charm tread. In which a lock of hair from a deceased beloved was placed in a locket charm, or their image was mounted on a charm. 

The 1920’s evoked some glamorous additions to the charm bracelets as gold, platinum, diamonds, and gemstones were being used in countless bracelet designs. The charm bracelet trend rose in popularity again as soldiers returning from WWII brought back small trinkets and charms to their sweethearts from the European cities and the Pacific islands where they were stationed.

Beautiful and popular movie stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Crawford could be seen wearing lovely charm bracelets while filming and it continued the popularity of the personalized charm bracelet.  By the 50’s and 60’s the charm bracelet became a rite of passage for girls and women. It was the must have jewelry accessory for 16th birthdays, graduations, weddings, travel, and birth of a child.  Each bracelet told a unique story about the life of the owner.  Many of these vintage bracelets would currently sell for upwards of thousands of dollars

Today the design of the charm bracelet has evolved to more than just unique charms and trinkets added to the links of the bracelet.  Contemporary styles from Italy are made of flat charm links, other bracelets are fashioned from a wire with one or more charms dangling on them that can be stacked together or worn individually.  There are also beaded bracelets with hanging charms and bracelets created around a particular theme.  With longstanding popularity and unique designs, it is a wonderful time to create a charm bracelet that commemorates the special moments in your life. 

The 14k yellow-white gold link bracelet with the pave’ diamond heart charm is the perfect gift for a sweet 16 birthday or graduation.

The adjustable twist cable stainless steel bangle with sterling silver tree of live charm that symbolizes togetherness and that you are never alone.

An ancient evil eye talisman charm adorns this Souviens collection bracelet, representing protection and good fortune for its wearer. Crafted from stainless steel and 925 sterling silver, the bracelet itself features dozens of individual links strung together.