Three-Stone Halo Engagement Ring Styles for 2021

If you’re a “more is more” kinda gal then you’re probably dreaming of a knockout engagement ring that really stands out. Rings that combine two popular designs: the halo and the three stone, are called “three stone halo”.  If you love both looks but can’t decide which suits you best, you don’t have to compromise on either one.  The union of these 2 stylings fuses together to create a truly magnificent engagement ring, one that not only gives off the ultimate amount of sparkle, but is imbued with loads of sentimental meaning.  All in all, the three stone halo is considered to be one of the most glamourous settings for an engagement ring.

What is a 3 Stone Halo Engagement Ring?  

Similar to the classic three stone, the three stone halo setting features three distinctly larger stones.  The largest is in the center and can be any shape, such as round, cushion cut, princess cut and emerald cut. The center is then flanked by two smaller stones on its side. These side stones can be a round or fancy shape such as pear, marquise, half-moon, trillion and many more.

The difference is that in the three stone halo setting, the center stone is encircled with little stones which form a “halo” around it.  These little stones can also encircle the side stones for even more sparkle but it is not a necessity.

Diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings and when all the stones in the ring are diamonds it creates a truly sparkly and glamorous ring.  Incorporating color stones such as sapphires, which are thought to represent faithfulness and sincerity, is one way to make the ring look very unique while adding an extra sentimental element to the design.

The Pros:

  • Give off a personal statement; Friendship, Fidelity and Love as well as Past, Present and Future are associated with a three stone setting
  • A bigger appearance with a smaller center stone
  • Unique setting
  • Unparalleled sparkle and brilliance

The Cons:

  • Not the best for short fingers as it makes them appear shorter
  • Higher priced than more classic designs
  • May require more maintenance and care than some simpler settings 

Three stone halo settings come in many varieties of designs from classic to vintage.  No matter your taste, there is a three stone halo setting for you.


A captivating pair of half-moon side stones grace the shoulders of this classic three stone engagement ring setting. Atop a tapered 14k polished white gold shank, the two carat round cut center stone is encircled by a shimmering pavé diamond halo.  


An extraordinary octagonal halo graces this sophisticated Art Deco ring, framed by a pair of baguette diamond side stones. The straight 14K white gold band is polished to a high shine. This dazzling 0.35ct engagement ring setting is for the true lover of vintage flare.


Triple the brilliance of your pear shaped center stone with this three stone halo engagement ring setting. A pair of scintillating pear shaped side stones bring magical contrast and enhanced sparkle to the 2.5 carat center stone. Each of the three stones is encircled by a pavé diamond halo creating a mix of two of the most beloved ring settings. This 14K white gold stunner boasts 1.14cts of diamonds in all. Now that’s some serious bling! 


Prong set round diamonds in graduated sizes form a resplendent halo atop this 1 carat oval three stone halo engagement ring. Plush, pear shaped Sapphire side stones flank the center stone adding in a pop of bold color. Finished with a tapered diamond encrusted shank, this ring pulls out all the stops.  

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a truly romantic metal and looks phenomenal in a three stone halo setting. 

Pear shaped side stones graduate toward a one carat oval center stone in this romantic three stone halo engagement ring. Smaller accent diamonds create a dazzling halo, adorn the shoulders of the tapered band, and bring surprise sparkle to the curved gallery under the band. This 14K rose gold setting is both glamorous and unforgettable.  

In an endless sea of solitaires and dainty romantic halos, the three stone halo engagement ring truly stands out from the rest. This setting is not only beautiful, but meaningful as well.

Whether you’re looking for a more classic design or want a real showstopper, Gabriel & Co. has a full collection to suit all your needs. To view these and other gorgeous three stone halo engagement rings click here.

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