Wedding Rings Revisited: Remount Styles To Refresh Your Ring

by Tanya Dukes, INSTORE Magazine, Guest Editor

Remounts are a simple way to make an heirloom diamond or other gemstone feel brand new.

Diamonds are forever, but the rings they’re set in don’t have to be. It’s never a bad thing to take another look at the pieces that are part of your collection and judge that they need an update. Whether that’s a years-old engagement ring or an inherited diamond jewel that only sits in your jewelry box because it isn’t your style, remounting stones has always been a savvy practice, even at the most rarefied heights. (Royal families are masters of recirculating theirs in new designs.) And making use of stones you already own is a common sense, sustainable move, so get inspired and remount yours in pieces that suit your current circumstances and preferences. 

Period Drama

Maybe it’s the “Bridgerton” effect, but there’s a discernible uptick in appetite for jewels that harken back to seemingly more graceful eras — times that called for regular waltzing, beribboned ball gowns and quill-and-ink correspondence. There’s little wonder at the appeal of pieces that can transport wearers to a less anxious age in a moment. With their tradition of being inseparable from declarations of love and loyalty, no category of jewelry has more potential as a medium for romantic, throwback intentions than rings. Whether someone wants to cultivate the aura of a Regency duchess, hankers for a dose of Victoriana or harbors affection for any other period, there are abundant options among contemporary rings that borrow from the past but feel relevant in the 21st century (and haven’t been subject to generations of wear and tear). Especially popular are designs that streamline some of the signatures of Edwardian style, like milgraining, lacy openwork or surrounding center diamonds with garland-like flourishes. And a century after Art Deco first emerged, its clean, modern geometry has skyrocketed in appeal, proving that masterful design has no expiration date. 

White Gold Fancy Halo Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

White Gold Round Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

White-Yellow Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Modern Romance

Just as there’s a contingent that can’t get enough nostalgic style, there’s another that has the opposite reaction. They’re the rebels who find aesthetic inspiration in the future, not the past. Usually, they are easy to spot in a crowd: just follow the few who are early adopters of the most daring fresh-from-the-runway trends. Without a doubt, they want a ring that rhymes with their wardrobes, a standout jewel that won’t appear on another person in their circle. Architectural rings set with diamonds along every surface of their gold structures put an ultra-glamorous spin on their unconventional taste. For a similar approach, choose a ring with a similar shape but just one central diamond without maxing out on sparkle.

Yellow Gold Split Shank Round Diamond Engagement Ring

White Gold Split Shank Round Diamond Engagement Ring

White Gold Wide Band Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Big Love

When the strength of a marriage has only grown with time, why not choose a remount that reflects the substance of a relationship with a profound history? For some, opting for a larger, weightier setting is the way to do just that. It’s an especially good approach for those too sentimental to ever dream of replacing their original center stone with a larger model, but still want to ramp up the shine quotient with more diamond content. And if a woman who received a dainty engagement ring no longer feels it’s the right fit for an older, more sophisticated version of herself, a design with a loftier band and more robust presence can feel like an appropriate update. In any incarnation, the look is commanding, elegant and ready for whatever the future holds. 

White Gold Wide Band Round Diamond Engagement Ring

White Gold Split Shank Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Want more ideas? Explore our full selection of perfect remount styles to refresh your engagement ring. Find the perfect one for you!

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