Here’s All You Need to Ace Your Stackable Rings Game

The most popular jewelry trend from 2019 are fashion rings that can be combined to create a stack on your finger(s). Stackable Rings are here to stay! It’s a simple way to express yourself and elevate your outfit. The possibilities to show your unique style are infinite. The best part is – there are no rules. so don't be afraid to experiment, have fun and be your true, authentic self.



Stackable rings are striking on their own, but also fun to mix and match. With thousands of styles in different widths featuring design elements ranging from floral to geometric, twisted and scalloped to straight and open bands, segmented and stationes in variety of metals and finishes. Combine by mixing metals or matching, introducing color or shapes. During the day, you can wear a unified stackable set with midi rings, and once the evening arrives, you can easily switch up your look by layering, mixing and matching with statement rings.


It used to be considered utterly taboo and tacky to mix metals when wearing jewelry. That fashion rule is permanently over! Mixing metals is now an official trend. Combine yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and silver for a dynamic color palette that is eye-catching and edgy. For an eclectic mix of color, create balance and contrast by mixing warm and cool tones. Don’t be afraid to add an extra pop of color by fusing diamonds and colored gemstones.




Though the traditional engagement ring paired with a wedding band is still popular, the stacked wedding ring look is now a very sought after trend. Wearing several wedding rings at once can be seen as both fashionable - and meaningful. Stack your bands to be fashionable or add symbolism to each ring you choose to commemorate anniversaries and milestones. You can wear your engagement ring in the middle and lock it in with your eternity band, or curved band and stackables on either side. Or you can slide on the engagement ring first and add your stackable rings after.








Experiment with our Stackable app to see create your own unique virtual stack.

Whether you decide to wear just one or many stylish fashion rings, choose designs that fit your personal style. Discover the full Gabriel & Co. Stackable collection that includes a variety of metals, finishes, textures and gemstones.






how to sport the stackable ring trend?

Select from our easy stackable fashion rings that combine the appearance of multiple rings within one fashion ring.