What the Halo?


If you’re with your man long enough to know he’s “the one” you know it’s just a matter of time until your Miss becomes a Mrs. You’ve no doubt begun your research into the engagement ring world and probably pinned a thing or two (or 22). As a newbie to the engagement ring world, all the weird lingo and endless options may seem confusing or overwhelming at times. You’ve heard the word halo thrown around but you’re pretty sure it has nothing to do with angels. We are here to clear up some of that lingo and make your research a bit less daunting, specifically as it pertains to this word.

What is a halo and how many different types are there? Let’s get started!

Halo (Simple And Single)

The most common type of halo, and the one that has gained the most popularity in recent years, is the single halo. This means that around the center stone of the engagement ring, sits one small row of diamonds or color stones, acting as a sort of sparkly, decorative frame. These smaller diamonds can vary in size and most of the time are round in shape, however this is not a set rule, but more on that a bit later.

A round center stone can get a round halo that follows the perimeter of the stone and so the end effect is a larger round stone. Consequently a round center stone can also get a halo that forms in a square or cushion shape and so for those undecided ladies, you get the perk of the unmatched brilliance of a round center stone with the end effect of a cushion cut stone. Magic!

A halo can be placed around any center stone shape and is not exclusive to the round. So whether you choose a princess cut, oval shape, cushion or even pear, any shape can get a halo. What’s the general point of a halo you ask? From just a bit of a distance your 1 carat can look like a 2 carat at just a fraction of the cost. Genius right?! So if your man is not Bill Gates, this could be a nice way to show off your bling without having to throw down a down payment of a house. Now that’s a win!

As mentioned, the most common shape of stone used for the halo is the round, but other fancy stones can also be used. Baguettes mixed with rounds is a nice way to frame a stone and other fancy shapes such as princess cuts or pear shapes can also be used to form the halo frame. This gives them a fancier appearance, which brings us to our next halo type, the fancy.

You So Fancy!

The fancy halo is just what it sounds like. Instead of following the countour of the stone perfectly or even in a shape that is more common like a cushion, it’s a bit more..well fancy. A round stone can have a hexagonal, octagonal, floral, starburst halo or some other unidentifiable but still beautiful shape. For those ladies that want something that no one else has and want to stand out from the crowd, a fancy halo would be the perfect choice to express that individuality. Fancy halos can be modern and clean or Victorian or Art Deco in feel. Sky is the limit when it comes to fancy halos.

The Floral Halo

As their name implies, floral halos are frames around your center stones that take the form of a flower, acting essentially as the petals. Those who are of the romantic nature are especially drawn to these as they look especially feminine and sweet. Adding small details like millgrain on the edges makes these truly vintage looking.

The Floating Halo

Another halo considered to be part of the fancier variety is the floating halo. While a regular halo sits close to the center stone, a floating halo has a gap between the center stone and the actual halo. This effect makes the entire area appear larger and suspends the center stone apart from the halo while still being connected to it in a few points. The effect is an overall larger looking ring while the added space really makes the center stone pop.

The Hidden Halo

Just as its name implies, the hidden halo is not so obvious from the front view. Instead of facing forward like the center stone, the hidden halo runs on the upper side of the center stone facing outwards, perpendicular to the center. For those ladies who love the look of a solitaire but still want something a bit more unique, the hidden halo is the perfect choice, giving a flash of extra sparkle on the side.

Double Trouble Halo

Sometimes a single halo is just not enough and so we have what’s called the double halo. Not one but two rows of diamonds surround the center stone giving an even larger appearance to the center without the huge price tag. You can achieve the visual measurements of a 2 carat by using a 1 carat center stone and surrounding it with a double row of smaller stones for a fraction of the cost of an actual 3 carat. Pretty awesome right? Just like single halos, double halos can form different shapes and use different cuts to achieve the halo effect. The result is a ring with a serious wow factor.

Three Stone Halo

A three stone halo comes in two varieties. The first is when all three stones are surrounded by a halo. The second is when just the center stone is surrounded by a halo. The first option gives a very big overall look to the ring, for those ladies who like a lot of bling, the second options is slightly more refined but no less of a statement maker. With the added significance of past, present and future, these rings are truly meaningful.

The halo has certainly come a long way and the options available for today’s bride are vast in both design and price point. Choose a style that works with your unique personality and lifestyle and you’re sure to have a ring you will be happy with for a lifetime.

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