How to Mix Your Metals

Mixing gold and silver has been a taboo for decades. Now, the style is breaking tradition, hitting the runways and becoming the hottest trend in the jewelry this summer.

When choosing to wear mixed metal jewelry, you can either wear one piece that already combines two different color metals or separate gold and silver pieces worn together for a stylish yet cohesive layered look.

Mixed-metal accessories is still a contentious topic, but the style is no longer considered unconventional.

People are becoming much more experimental with their fashion choices, breaking the norm of matching metals.

Though the reigns have loosen, accessorizing silver and gold jewelry is still a trend that some people find difficult to master. We’re giving you tips and tricks to help you create an effortless mixed metal combination.

                                                                              Exclude Wedding Rings

Your wedding ring isn’t an accessory, so it shouldn’t be considered as one when you are coordinating mixed metal in your wardrobe. Wedding rings and bands are lifetime statement pieces. Don’t set accessory limitations that revolve around your forever piece. Alternatively, find a mixed metal engagement ring to create a one-of-a-kind piece. 

Forget About Hardware 

Hardware is commonly featured in today’s apparel and accessories, so avoid obsessing over the metals in the zippers, buckles, hinges, etc. on your jacket, purse, boots, or sunglasses when you’re considering mixed metal jewelry. Only take it into account if the hardware is a major factor in the piece.

Come Together

Despite the matched metal rule being broken, it is advised to strategically mix your metals to look purposeful and chic. If you’re mixing metals and unconsciously throwing pieces together, it will come across as a fashion disaster. When you make the decision to combine metals, make sure they look like they belong together aesthetically.


You don’t want to cross the line nor do you want to barely hit the mark. Put some thought into your layer, be sure that they make sense and look like they aesthetically belong together. There are two different styling strategies that complement this new trend; see below.

Combo Piece

Choosing one piece that combines two different metals eliminates the pressure of coordinating from scratch. When you have one mixed metal piece, you can easily accessorize with other pieces that match in color and style.


Each piece stands alone, but mixed together they create a clean, unconventionally stylish stack. Layering different colored metals in one outfit makes it obvious that it was a purposeful fashion decision which is the exact appearance you should be going for. Whether it’s necklaces, rings, or bracelets, have fun mixing different metals and be experimental with your fashion choices.

Dare to try something different? Explore new styling techniques like mixing metals to modernize your style of jewelry and create something stylish yet unique.

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