Jewelry Etiquette for a Business Professional


Everyone has heard the saying “never judge a book by its cover.” In truth how you dress and your demeanor determines how people perceive and treat you. So choosing the correct jewelry to wear to work is just as important as the rest of your business outfit, whether it be a dress, a suit, or even the shoes.

Throughout history jewelry has been used as the finishing touch to create a polished look.  What is considered appropriate completely depends on the field you’re in. Women who work in more creative environments can push the limits a little further in flamboyance than women who work in the corporate industries. When choosing the jewelry that will complete your workplace attire, select pieces that reflect your personal style while still in keeping with what is considered appropriate in your workplace.  

Wear jewelry you love and project confidence.

Here are some dos and don’ts for office jewelry:

Refrain From Wearing Noisy Jewelry

The jewelry you wear should be seen and not heard. Don’t wear noisy bracelets to any type of office. Stacking bangles or bracelets that clang against your desk or announce your arrival in a meeting will most likely ensure that you will not be taken seriously.

Select Flattering Pieces

The right jewelry can help you succeed.

Flattering jewelry pieces are those that are proportional to your facial features, body frame. Complement your outfit with stud earrings or small hoops that don’t sparkle too much or make noise when you move.  

Check Where the Eyes Go

Essential to the success of your workplace outfit is to control where the eyes go.  A successful outfit will keep the focus on you and your jewelry selection will have a key role. It’s important to make sure that any statement jewelry does not overpower you. Statement necklaces are best worn with simple clothes so your statement piece stands out. If you think your colleagues will be staring at your jewelry rather than looking in your eyes, they will not hear the words you are speaking.

Here are a few Gabriel styles to finish and polish your professional look.

14K White Gold Link Diamond Huggie

These are the prefect huggies with a diamond link design that can a women’s business suit look to the next level.

14K White Gold Diamond and Pearl Stud Earrings

These classic pearl stud earring with a diamond halo will make any woman feel sophisticated

14K Yellow-White Gold Twisted Rope and Diamond Bangle

A must have for the business women of today with the elegant twisted of the rope and diamond design.

14K White-Yellow Gold Diamond and Bujukan Bead Ring

 This stylish ring give the impression that you’re wearing three rings.

14K White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Curved Bar Necklace

Timeless style that never goes out of styles and is essential in every business women’s collection

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