The History and Significance of Anklets

Bracelets aren’t just for our wrists; ankle bracelets, also known as anklets, have bedazzled our legs since ancient times. Gold, silver, dainty or dangling, anklet jewelry has been worn by different cultures throughout history around the world.

What better way for a fashionable Sumerian or Ancient Egyptian woman to signify her social rank and husband’s wealth than with an ankle bracelet of precious metal and stones. A lovely anklet wasn’t a jewelry accessory exclusively for the rich. Women of lower social classes, as well as slaves, wore ankle bracelets made of leather or string respectively to bring good luck and fortune in their future.

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Traditionally, married Indian women would wear anklets adorned with charms so that men and family members were alerted to greet her with respect and not be caught saying anything ill-mannered. Ankle bracelets are given to new brides since it is considered an auspicious and traditional gift symbolizing a successful marriage. Even young, unmarried Indian girls wear anklets to symbolize pride and bravery.

As most styles do, ankle bracelets eventually made their way into Western culture in the mid twentieth century. Frank Sinatra fans called “bobby soxers” created their own unique fashion look, which included anklets that drew attention to their white socks. During the 1970s, when the bohemian style gained popularity, anklets were the perfect bare-legged accessory.

Today, ankle bracelet meanings aren’t as symbolic as they once were and draw their inspiration from all over the world. The versatile accessory is regarded as pretty much the same as a bracelet or other fashionable piece of jewelry. Whether your anklet is made of gold or silver, adorned with gemstones or beads, sophisticated or casual, be sure to choose a style that reflects your unique personality.

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