Celebrating The True Gems In Our Lives

By Beth Bernstein

Mother’s Day is a celebration of the women who nurtured and raised you but for Gabriel & Co., it also represents a day that commemorates all the women who have guided you, protected you, lifted you up and shared with you many of the significant parts of your life. These women can be you mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, or your closest women friends—any woman who has made an impact on you and has helped shaped the woman you have become.


For these reasons, we offer a range of gifts at different price points that will give the recipient joy and make her feel appreciated and loved. There are many more pieces from which to choose so please head over to our website to seek out pieces we haven’t mentioned here.

14K White Gold Diamond Wing Studs

Symbolically, wings mean protection and these earrings are the perfect gift for anyone who has ever been in your corner rooting for you and offering guidance and direction. With white diamond pavé for a hint of sparkle, they can be worn any time of the day.

14K Yellow Gold Initial Lady’s Ring

“M” is for Mother, Mama, and Mom—and if it also happens to be the first letter of your mother’s name, you are doubly lucky. Our initial pieces are available in every letter of the alphabet offering you the ability to give a gift with your loved one’s name or a capital letter for what they mean to you. Initial pieces are also available in necklaces and pendants.

925 Sterling Silver & White Sapphire Oval Locket Necklace

There is nothing like a locket to put a smile on someone’s face. We feature lockets in a range of shapes and sizes, but this oval style tends to suit women in a wide range of age groups. It’s the perfect keepsake for photos and memories that can be worn close to the heart. If you are a granddaughter you can, for example, give your grandmother the locket with a photo of you, your mom and her all together. Friends and sisters who have grown up together can find a picture that shows them together in younger days, sharing treasured secrets and now locked in love.

925 Silver Mommy & Me Diamond Necklace

The shape of this necklace symbolizes a woman holding a child in her arms and represents a mother’s never-ending love—all with diamond accents for endurance and continuous affection, admiration and pride. Create a look as unique as your story when you stack a combination of charms and gemstones designed to keep close to the heart.

14K Rose Gold Diamond Open-Heart Fashion Necklace

This open-heart necklace is all about keeping yourself open to love in all the forms it takes. It makes a great gift for yourself and any of the women who have been there to accept, guide and love you, their hearts open with love.

925 Sterling Silver and Black Spinel Interlocking Loops Necklace

Our 925 sterling silver and black spinel interlocking loops necklace suggests that you will be together forever. You can give this to your mom, daughter, grandmother, sister or best friend.

14K White Gold Stud Earrings

Get your favorite woman the gift of the perfect stud earrings. These will add some sparkle to her life and can be worn every day. And, while you are at it, why not treat yourself to a pair of these versatile earrings?