Jewels For Ringing In The New Year


By Tanya Dukes, INSTORE Magazine, Guest Editor

As has been said a thousand million times before, 2020 has been a year unlike any other in living memory. Despite the disruptions we’ve all endured in every aspect of our lives, one of the things that remains unchanged is the end-of-year impulse to take a break and somehow celebrate the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another. This year’s holidays look different from the ones that came before but it’s still possible to take comfort in familiar rituals and simple pleasures. If you’re lucky enough to be able to ring in the new year with the people who mean the most to you — even through a phone or laptop — it’s a special occasion to treasure and worthy of breaking out some special jewelry. Keep reading for a sparkling options that are just the thing for the last festivities of the season and will become year-round wardrobe staples.

Bedeck Your Neck

Go big, stay home is the brief for dressing your neckline for the holidays. A necklace with a substantial presence can transform simple clothing into an indelible style statement. Experiment with a fringed design for a flirtatious, bohemian look or opt for a lacy floral motif if your taste is classic and traditional. And a single necklace composed of multiple gold strands will be a valuable addition to anyone’s jewelry box.  Loftier necklaces are endlessly adaptable. They can be worn layered over a t-shirt or turtleneck, which is especially helpful In winter when you’re prone to wearing to wearing heavy clothing.

You’re All Ears

If you’ve been on back-to-back video calls since March you probably know that the “Zoom earring” is a thing. For those who haven’t been initiated, earrings have become more essential than pants when getting dressed for a videoconference. They’re an easy way to add a standout personal flourish when your face when is front and center. If your earrings of choice during office hours tend to be subdued, an online or socially distanced celebration is an opportunity to try more playful options. Think styles with movement and a generous scale, like hoops and pendant earrings. They look polished but also have a sense of fun. For extra impact, try a design featuring a colorful gemstone, like turquoise (one of December’s birthstones, BTW). And if big earrings just aren’t your thing a wide huggie with diamond details makes maximum impact in a compact package.

The Ring’s The Thing

There’s a reason that jewelry sales are buoyant despite the challenging times. Nothing contributes to the feeling of being fully dressed—even if your attire consists mainly of sweatpants and leggings—like slipping on a sophisticated bauble. Just add jewelry and you’ll instantly look like you’ve made an effort. And rings provide maximum personal gratification. They’re easy to glance at on a whim for a glamorous, mood lifting distraction, which is especially helpful right now.

The leading candidate for the most essential ring in any jewelry collection is a wide, diamond-studded band. It will deliver sparkle aplenty but its low profile makes it easy to wear anytime. Slip into one by day and it’s an accessory that elevates the look of the most casual work-from-home gear; for a formal or a festive occasion, say…counting down to midnight on New Year’s Eve, it lights up a room. If you prefer a look that’s a little understated, go for a band with black diamonds. They have a dark, sultry glow and strike a cool contrast against sterling silver.

And whether you bejewel your fingers, ears, neck or all of the above, may your New Year shine brightly and bring you peace and joy.