Silver Ring Styles for Summer 2021


By Beth Bernstein, INSTORE Guest Editor

Sumptuous Summer Silver

Silver is a natural choice during the summer months. Lightweight and lustrous, it offers accessible price points when you want to accessorize during travel or while lounging at the pool or beach. And it looks beautiful with the summer glow you can still get while wearing sunscreen. Gabriel’s sterling silver rings are particularly versatile as they are subdued yet still feature design details and elements that create a unique look. You can wear Gabriel’s rings with any style in your wardrobe — from a sarong and tank you might throw over your swimsuit as you break for lunch or a lightweight sleeveless denim dress or crisp white linen shirt. And the rings look good on different fingers — you can wear a thinner one on your ring finger and a colored gemstone style on your pointer. 

Here are a couple of suggestions when styling with rings in the summer months:

  • As soon as heat and humidity increase, so might your fingers. They can swell inside rings, so it’s best to save wider statement looks for cooler, less humid evenings. 
  • If you do feel your fingers swelling, don’t panic. Run your hands under cold water or slather your favorite moisturizer on your fingers as long as there are no gemstones in the rings. If there are, then hold you hand upright, which should bring any swelling down.
  • Don’t swim with rings that feature gemstones or satin finishes.  

Other than those few recommendations, you can wear you rings with abandon.  Styling them sans color will offer a more streamlined, pared-down look. Rings with colored stones will add interest and a personal touch to your more casual clothes. The tonal feeling of mother of pearl and silver will add a sophisticated touch. 

Here are some of our summer silver favorites:

925 Sterling Silver White Sapphire Bujukan Criss Cross Ring

925 Sterling Silver Open Bujukan Ring

925 Sterling Silver Oval Ring with White Sapphire Pavé

925 Sterling Silver Rock Crystal and Turquoise Station Ring

925 Sterling Silver White Sapphire, Rock Crystal and White MOP Halo Ring

925 Sterling Silver Round Amethyst Bujukan Ring

925 Sterling Silver White Sapphire Open Bujukan Ring

Style: LR51899SVJWS

Silver rings offer an inherent ease, wearability and can adapt for any occasion. You can continue to add to your collection, adding rings for different fingers. Or, to change-up your look when you want more sparkle, try the white sapphire pavé ring which will look equally well on your ring, middle or pointer finger or even as a pinky ring. Gabriel offers a range of options that will elevate your entire summer wardrobe.

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